Steroids And There Arrival In MMA

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Steroids And There Arrival In MMA

So we have MLB showing what happens when they promise secrecy and somehow names leak out one by one ( funny how the majority of the names released are prominent stars , not the bums that never made it ) , and now we have senators and congressman feeling like it is their place to step in and save the sport ( funny because steroids and the juiced ball era brought baseball back to life ). Why do politicians feel the need to step in to situations where they have little to no knowledge ( like my buddy Taylor Hooten), and only spread rumors and unproven knowledge.

Now if I do the same to them , their well paid lawyers would be all over me. Regardless , I see a rising in MMA pros and wannabes a like are trying top find that edge, so where do they turn? AAS!!!!!!

Now to some ignorant fans, they may say that’s stupid ( because it makes you bulky) or it is cheating.

Now though I do feel it can be an advantage, but for some it might be the only way to make up the gap in genetics, between them and someone far superior.

Hard work is the basis of everything worth having, so an option to work even harder , I believe , is acceptable.

Some may disagree, and I am ok with that, well as long as it is relevant.

So where does this leave the sport itself, will it become the next bodybuilding where everyone knows and no really talks about it, or will some overreact, and make it out to be way more than it is in real life.

Like for example, the above issue with baseball, we have politicians making media headlines about steroids in baseball , while I see a commercial on TV that 1 in 8 people have an issue with starvation.

But the most important thing they can think of is F***ing steroids in baseball, are you serious? Sorry , that is ignorance at its finest.

So we have a sport that increases it’s popularity daily in MMA, with gyms popping up everywhere, and young kids wanted to become the next Anderson Silva.

There will be a day real soon when MMA will be faced with that question , are steroids bad for business and what their stance should be. I say it seems to be the misconception that steroids make people better at something all by themselves that will cause the public opinion to stay right where it is, in the gutter.

Regardless , I believe the truth will not be seen, and it will be clueless packs of fans leading the way to protest steroids ( which is fine if they had any knowledge of steroids ) , which means nothing will be done for whats best for the sport or the steroid community.

Public opinion and the truth don’t ever really intersect.

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