Steroid Law Firm to Expose FAME and World Natural Sports Organization

Fitness competitor Julie Coram has retained Rick Collins’ firm, Collins, McDonald & Gann, to represent her after she tested positive for metabolites of three different anabolic steroids, boldenone, oxandrolone and DHEA. The urinary metabolites were detected in a sample provided after winning the Ainsley McSorley FAME Model Search Championships in Winnipeg. As a result, Coram lost her pro card and was banned from future FAME World Tour events.

Coram’s attorney Michael DiMaggio will undoubtedly expose FAME and World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) for their incompent, inconsistent, hypocritical and ultimately meaningless attempt at achieving a “natural” and steroid-free physique competition.

I’m obviously not a big fan of the FAME doping control protocols. I think the goal of providing “natural” bodybuilding and physique contests is good when presented as an alternative to the laissez-faire pharmaceutical field of competitors in “other” organizations. But FAME and WNSO are essentially “pretending” to be steroid-free when in fact many drugs and steroids (that are sold over the counter) are permitted under FAME/WNSO rules.

The FAME contests (even by their very own rules) are far removed from steroid-free and/or natural (whatever that may be) competition. I’ve written about the shortcomings of their doping protocols in comments at Steroid Nation:

According to FAME, if it’s legal, then they consider it natural. They only ban “illegal substances.” ACtually, according to their rules, even that isn’t true. They only ban supplements that CAN NOT BE PURCHASED OVER THE COUNTER at a sports nutrition/supplement store.

If ONLY non-OTC substances are banned, this technically means that steroids (steroidal supplements) are permitted if they are sold OTC.

If an athlete ONLY takes OTC supplements and tests positive, then that is a FALSE NEGATIVE.

Collins, McDonald & Gann will take FAME to task for their incompetent, inconsistent and hypocritical rules and regulations on steroids, natural competition, and legal OTC supplements.

Even the DEA has identified 22 OTC dietary supplements that contain anabolic steroids. These are technically allowed under FAME/WNSO. In other words, FAME/WNSO rules permit competitors to use some anabolic steroids.

This will be an easy case for Mike DiMaggio since FAME/WNSO openly admit the inefficacy of the urinalysis and the problem with false positives from over the counter supplements. Their foolproof solution to this problem: Physique Screening and Voice Stress Analysis! Too bad the IOC and WADA didn’t think of that!

In the beginning urine testing was the only method that was proven to catch those who were trying to ‘get by’ the system. However, WNSO soon discovered that urine testing alone was not an effective measure since the test results only came back after the contest had ended allowing those who were not natural to still get the spotlight on stage taking away from those who were actually deserving. As well, new methods appeared on the market that made it much easier for athletes to provide a false negative test result. (Emphasis added.)

Soon afterwards, WNSO implemented the Voice Stress Analysis Testing that was used by the Israeli Army at border crossings. They looked into Lie Detectors and Hair Follicle Tests but were not impressed with the amount of inaccurate readings that could occur. Blood Testing is too invasive and not allowed by certain religions.

Then in 2006, WNSO introduced the Physique Screening Panel as a method to ensure only those who had a natural looking physique would place well at the events. The Panel, made up of qualified WNSO officials and judges, is still the method adhered to today as the stage has never been more ‘clean’. The Panel evaluates every single athlete for signs that may indicate use of any banned substance. Should anyone show signs, or suggestions of usage, the Panel can take them into private screening rooms for further evaluation and actual questioning. If everyone on the Panel unanimously agrees that an athlete in question would not fair well in a contest for natural athletes, that athlete is not permitted to compete. All other athletes who the Panel is cautious about will then be subject to Urine Testing &/or the Voice Stress Analysis Testing.

I’m certain even Dick Pound is shaking his head in bewilderment!

Dr. Steroids

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