Steroid Injections

Proper handling of the manipulations related to the injection of anabolic steroids is an important aspect of a successful and effective utilization of those substances. Highly important points, which should be firmly learned, are: correctly selected injection spot, proper syringe, preparation of the substance, and, surely, following the rules of hygiene.

The Areas of the Body Suitable for Steroid Injections

Any anabolic water- or oil-based steroids are intended for intramuscular injection. This means that the needle has to go through the skin, hypodermic tissues and enter the muscle itself. The injections are often made on the buttocks, lateral surface of the hips, the deltoid arm muscles. Due to the numerous muscle fibers and vast connective tissue membrane areas (this type of connective tissue covers the bones and separates them from one another) the injected substance has excellent conditions for fast diffusion through the tissues. Ideally, intramuscular shots should be done with a deep injection into the muscle in the area with no large nerves and blood vessels.

The Best Body Area for Steroid Injections

The upper outer quarter of the buttock is the best area for steroid injections. The crest of the longitudinal bone can serve as the landmark for this area of the buttock. This area is 5 to 7.5 cm below the crest of the bone in an adult. The crest of the longitudinal bone is the rear top of the pelvic arch. You can easily feel it above the middle gluteus. The upper outer quarter of the buttock is an optimal choice, since this area is massive enough and has fairly few nerve endings. The chance of the substance entering a blood vessel is very low here. By injecting in this area you can lower the probability of touching the sciatic nerve, which passes through the lower and the median buttock areas. This nerve controls the entire foot, including the thigh and the shank. If the shot is made too close to the nerve, severe pain is felt during the injection and this part of the body becomes temporarily paralyzed.

What to Use for Steroid Injections

Choosing a proper syringe is very important for steroid shots. The most suitable one for injecting steroids is 22 gauge tool with a 4.8 cm needle or a 24 gauge tool with 2.5 cm needle, the volume of the cylinder should be 4 cc. Syringes with such needles are perfect for intramuscular injections, since the tip reaches deep enough. Shorter needles enter the body not far enough so that some substance sometimes gets injected into the hypodermic area, causing bloating between the skin and the muscle areas and furthermore the process of the substance absorption is slowed down. Under the notion the “gauge of the syringe” we mean the interior diameter of the needle. A greater gauge means a larger diameter. The above noted syringes, 22 and 24-gauge ones, are the optimal choice. Insulinic syringes are not suitable for steroid shots since they are too small.

Manipulations During the Injections

Take a cold shower before preparing the vial and the syringe for the shot. Wipe the injection area with a tampon soaked in alcohol. Wipe the rubber stopper on the bottle with another alcohol-soaked tampon; the stopper will be pierced with a needle to collect the substance. Take a disposable syringe, remove the plastic cap from the needle, fill the syringe with air, and insert the needle into the bottle.

Force the air into the bottle (this will create sufficiently high pressure, ensuring an easy collection of the oil-based substance). Turn the bottle upside down and slowly fill the syringe with the substance, taking about ¼ cc in excess. For instance, if you need 1 cc for the injection, you should collect extra ¼ to ½ cc of the substance. After that, knock on the syringe cylinder to make the air bubbles inside the liquid move to top area of the syringe. Now, push the extra substance back into the bottle and remove the needle out from the stopper. Then, hold the syringe so that the needle is pointing upwards and knock on the cylinder once again, so that the remaining air bubbles come to the surface. At this stage, take another disposable syringe, remove its needle and put it on the syringe with the substance in place of the needle that you used to pierce the stopper.

Why Using Two Needles for Steroid Injections?

By using two needles per injection you can ensure the perfect sharpness of the needle. Make sure not to touch the new needle with your fingers at any time. There is no need to wipe the needle with alcohol as it is already perfectly sterile. Wipe the injection area on the body with alcohol once again and press the syringe piston a little bit to force the remaining air bubbles out. Keep holding the syringe with the needle pointing up. Keep on pushing the bubbles out till there is a drop of the oil on the needle-tip. Let the oil run down the needle (this will provide the necessary lubrication).

The Process of Injecting

Now, after carrying out the whole set of preparations, hold the syringe like a throwing rod. Use the other hand to stretch the skin in the area chosen for injection and stick the needle in with a quick dart. Once the needle is inserted, pull the piston up a little bit, to make sure the blood is not being sucked into the cylinder. Once you know that the blood is not coming into the cylinder (this means that the needle was properly inserted and no blood vessels were pierced), start pushing the piston slowly. When the entire oil solution is injected, pull the needle out with one jerk; take another alcohol-soaked tampon and press it hard against the injection area. By applying strong pressure and massaging the area slightly you will stop the bleeding, in case some blood is released, and reduce the pain. It is important to inject the substance slowly since a fast injection will be more painful during the substance entry and also some pain may remain for a couple days after the injection.

After injection

Once the procedure is complete, put the plastic caps back onto the needles, and make sure the used syringes are disposed and not used again. You should not inject more then 2 cc of the substance at once to prevent a sense of discomfort and tissue hardening in the injection area. Besides, it is not advised to use the same spot for injection more than two times in one week (better once a week).

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