Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, What’s Your Angle?

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Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, What’s Your Angle?

Turning to any WWF event, you can not help but see the love triangle between HHH, his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and Olympic hero, Kurt Angle. There have been speculations and rumors galore. Well, I am going to give you my take on the WHOLE situation.

Let’s start from the beginning. When Triple H and Stephanie first married it was for power and head games. Stephanie wanted to get back at her father for using her, and Triple H wanted to gain the WWF World Championship. A marriage of convenience, I’d say.

Kurt Angle came on the scene shortly thereafter. We heard Stephanie refer to him as “Kurt Cute.” A pun for the geometrically inclined, “A Cute Angle” (I know its lame, but it’s true). Steph proceeded to help him maintain his winning streak week after week against her husband’s wishes.

Stephanie and Kurt had developed a “friendship.” They talked about Stephanie’s marital problems among other things. Kurt became one of the greatest defenders of the “all that is pure and innocent,” meaning Stephanie’s honor, when Y2J Chris Jericho referred to her as a “two-cent trashbag bottom-feeding ho,” among other things. He also helped her to retain her Women’s Championship against the much better wrestler, Lita, on more than one occasion.

This friendship began to look more and more suspicious to Triple H. He grew jealous of Kurt’s relationship with Stephanie. The anger of the green-eyed monster grew and grew. It pitted Angle against Triple H time and time again. Stephanie was always in the middle and often got hurt herself. Kurt stirred up trouble when Triple H was trying to teach Trish Stratus how to wrestle or he was being comforted by Chyna with a simple hug. (I personally cheered when Chyna DDTed Stephanie after Steph had the nerve to slap Chyna.) Kurt Angle even kissed Stephanie after she hit her head on the ring steps and was carried to the back while Triple H was being beaten in the middle of the ring.

The triangle continues today. Stephanie has formed a business alliance with Kurt Angle and now accompanies him to the ring. Triple H views her as a liability, but she has been Angle’s greatest asset. She will be by his side at No Mercy when he takes on The Rock for the WWF World Championship.

Is there more than friendship between Kurt Angle and Stepahine McMahon-Helmsley? Only time will tell. My bet says that she leaves Triple H for Kurt if he beats The Rock and becomes the WWF World Champion. As J.R. would call her, that “Jezebel” would do anything to have control of the World Title. Look for her to get involved in the match and expect the sparks to fly afterwards as well.


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