S.S.A.G And D.E.A. Keeps ErgoPharm Busy

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S.S.A.G And D.E.A. Keeps ErgoPharm Busy

S.S.A.G. ( Sports Supplement Acquisition Group ) has aquired ErgoPharm from Proviant Technologies.

This has capped a busy time for ErgoPharm, because speculation has it that Patrick Arnold of ErgoPharm was raided.

Patrick Arnold is well known because of his actions in the Balco scandal.

The word is that the warrant was handed down by the DEA Office in Boston.

The speculation seems very reliable so we will see, but more so, I’m looking to see how it will be handled by SSAG, with its new acquisition involved.

My thought is regardless I am going to sit back and watch how it will be played out.

Good luck to them all.

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