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Spot Reduction

It is virtually impossible to spot reduce or lose weight through repetitive movements on any part of the body. Spot reducing will not reduce fat from the parts of the body that contain excess fat like the abdominals, for example. Performing hundreds, even thousands of sit-ups or crunches will not burn fat from the area. In fact, you would have to perform about 200,000 crunches to lose one pound of fat, but that is a ridiculous number.

It is important, however, to burn off fat in a healthy way through watching the diet or calorie counting and taking up resistance and cardiovascular training. Resistance training builds lean muscle mass in the body, which heightens the metabolism. Cardiovascular exercise is also important too and helps to reduce fat in the whole of the body.

Those parts of the body that you wish to lose weight from are usually the last to tone, but aerobic and anaerobic will work to tone up the whole body. Crunches will work the muscles of the oblique’s, lower abdominals and the upper abdominal wall, so they will grow back stronger, but in order to burn the fat off, aerobic exercise needs to be undertaken.

Same with any other parts of the body, which require tone, such as the buttock muscles. No amount of squats will tone the buttocks without incorporating cardiovascular exercise. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise performed together will build your body into a fat burning machine. What squats will do, however, is strengthen the thigh muscles, tone the core muscles, and strengthen the glute muscles, but to see results, any cardiovascular training, such as cycling, running or walking should be undertaken.

Aerobic exercise burns off many calories from the entire body. Walking at a leisurely pace will burn around 100 calories per mile. Walk at 6mph and the body will burn off even more calories per mile. The weight of the body is also important. A heavier person will burn off more calories per mile than a leaner person would. Working steadily at the gym on a piece of equipment will burn fat, but it will take longer than interval training, for example, which halves the workout and burns calories throughout the workout and after, for up to around two hours.

Anaerobic exercise, however, such as squats, bicep curls, crunches, press-ups, and the bench press, as examples, will help to burn fat for up to 48 hours afterward. In order to burn off 1lb of fat from the body, the body must burn up 3500 calories. This may seem a lot, but it is only a reduction of 500 calories per day. This can be through exercise or calorie reduction. Exercise is always a healthier strategy than reducing calories in the body.

Every person has a lean body waiting to unleash, and it is only fat that hinders our vision of lean muscle tissue. Muscle is build of proteins and is very metabolically active. Good sources of protein, such as eggs, dairy products, meat, and fish is a great source of protein to replenish the muscle tears, which take place during anaerobic training. When aerobic exercise is integrated into the weight loss programme or muscle-building programme, the calorific after burn will increase significantly.

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