Vampiro Interview

I’m not sure how applicable this is to you, but I’m starting everybody off by asking about their Brian Pillman memories and what motivated them to come out here tonight to help lend support to his family…. Vampiro: I never even met him, but I will say that I’m very[…]

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Lenny Lane

Lenny Lane Interview

What’s been your experience with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo so far? I worked for Bischoff for three years. Mike Awesome I don’t think is the career killer. I think it’s Bischoff. Quite honestly, what did he do for my career? He obviously liked me enough to put me on[…]

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Justin Credible

Raven & Justin Credible Interview

Rick Scaia: Alright, since you mentioned it, you go way back with Brian [Pillman], back to your early 90’s WCW days, do you….. Raven: [Interrupting] Me and Pillman were really good friends. To be honest with you, I would have loved to have done this show, but I was never[…]

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Ricky Steamboat

Ricky Steamboat Interview

Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat — probably my very first favorite wrestler back as I started watching in the mid-80s — was just returning from speaking in the ring at the Pillman 2000 show when I managed to divert his attention long enough to secure an interview. Although he had other[…]

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Terry Funk

Terry Funk Interview

I’ll sum up my trip to the WCW television tapings earlier this week by saying I had a great time. For both shows the crowd came across much better live. The wrestling was of course lacking, but overall it was a positive experience, and I’m looking forward to making a[…]

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Is the Game Really Over?

BackLash held many surprises for WWF fans. The return of Debra McMichael started out the evening as she was the special guest ring announcer for Edge and Christian versus Road Dogg and XPac. That could not compare to what happened later that evening. The announcement of Vince McMahon before the[…]

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Rhino Interview

Maybe he was trying to stay in character. Maybe he was having a bad day. Or maybe he just didn’t like me. Who knows, but it took some serious arm-twisting to get some answers out of ECW world television champion Rhino. Then again, when you’re 6’3,” 285 lbs. and you[…]

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Vic Grimes Interview

Remember that big guy with white braided hair and a white suit who ran in on The Godfather last summer on WWF TV? That was Vic Grimes. Remember that big Baldie who fell with New Jack from a scaffold at this year’s ECW Living Dangerously PPV, in one of the[…]

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Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn Interview

Jerry Lynn is just returning from an injury that has kept him on the shelf since this winter. Known to ECW fans as “The New F’n Show” since his fantastic 1999 series against Rob Van Dam, Lynn has just rekindled his rivalry with “Mr. PPV.” Jerry worked for a time[…]

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Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff Interview

As WCW’s fortunes declined, did you feel like “I told you so” or was it more heartbreaking since you had done so much to make WCW popular? Eric Bischoff: I described it best to a friend of mine who asked me the same question around the middle of January. And[…]

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