Is the Game Really Over?

BackLash held many surprises for WWF fans. The return of Debra McMichael started out the evening as she was the special guest ring announcer for Edge and Christian versus Road Dogg and XPac. That could not compare to what happened later that evening. The announcement of Vince McMahon before the main event that Stone Cold Steve Austin would not be in attendance was another crowd shocker. Linda McMahon stunned her husband when she had reinstated Earl Hebner, not to mention the sudden and unexpected return of Stone Cold, despite Vince’s previous announcement. This all led to one conclusion, The Rock becoming the new WWF World Heavyweight champion with Jim Ross repeating the phrase, “Game Over!”

The next night on Raw with an injured shoulder Triple H came out and gave some credit to The Rock but called it a tainted victory due to the help of Earl Hebner and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He spoke of his respect for The Rock and complimented JR on the incredible calling of the match. Triple H said only one mistake was made when JR repeated over and over again that phrase, “Game Over!” “The Game is only beginning!”

Triple H has never been one to take adversity and give up. He has battled his way into the WWF and for that position at the top. The road to superstardom has been rocky, but through his sheer will he has overcome the obstacles placed in his way. A midcarder who was in the shadow of other greats constantly, Triple H found his way in DX. Upon the loss and subsequent injury of “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, Hunter took center stage in DX. He brought XPac back from WCW and into the fold of DX and gave The New Age Outlaws a place as well. DX pleased the fans but never gained much recognition from the front office. Triple H abandoned DX for the greener pastures of the Corporation and reunited with Chyna, his long time female bodyguard who had jumped ship earlier that same year. The McMahon-Helmsley regime that began late last year ushered in a Triple H’s time in the spotlight. His reign as WWF champion ended at BackLash at the hands of The Rock and company.

So has this Game really ended? Is Triple H’s time really over? Not by a long shot. Despite injury and loss, Triple H perseveres. At BackLash, the left shoulder of Triple H was injured during the match, yet he fought on. The Raw appearance on May 1, 200 also helps to demonstrate the “no quit” attitude of the Game. The Game appeared in a sling ringside for Shane McMahon-Rock steel cage title match that night. He entered the ring and pounded on The Rock with one arm. Triple H has had many tastes of WWF gold and will not let it stay away from him long. Also at Judgment Day, this May, Triple H has once again upped the stakes, challenging The Rock to an Iron Man Match. The Great One and the Game for sixty minutes in a ring with the WWF World Title on the Line. This feat was completed once by the man whose shadow Triple H has finally outgrown, HBK, himself. A match of pure stamina and determination, the Game hopes to prove once and for all that he is the Game because he is “That Damn Good!”

Perhaps the lyrics from Triple H’s entrance theme “Our Time” can best sum up the attitude and determination of the Game.

Here comes TROUBLE! I’m not gonna listen to anybody tell me who or what to be. I’m not trying to be like everybody, tired of playing make-belive. Cause blind lead the blind lead the blind lead the blind. My Time, our time. My time this time. We’re not looking back, we’ve had enough. (You don’t know what trouble is!) Of the games, the politics, and sissy talks. Your holy fools and your stupid rules. All your stupid rules! Don’t you understand your own delusion, or don’t you understand your own confusion. Make up a fantasy in your little mind. Follow me don’t let the blind lead the blind. The years went by you lived your lives. The monster suits McMahon, “Give us the shot.” “We’ll give you nothing.” The smart one, the easy one, the mellow one. Well it’s our time now. It’s our time now. Midnight trouble set you free. You will, mark my words, find out what trouble is.

***The entance theme is copyrighted by the WWF. Also some lyrics may be incorrect because I tried to figure them out as best I could from listening to the song repeatedly. If you see any errors, please let me know.***


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