Sports, And All The Teams I Follow….

I am a HUGE sport enthusiast , and it sometimes can be scary for the people around me. So I decided today I was going to go off topic and vent about this last year in sports for me…… I will take it team by team, and please feel free to comment your views on my teams or even something you want to vent about your team.

Sometimes it needs to be said.

My sports teams I follow are , in no particular order, Boston Red Sox , Boston Celtics, Chicago Bears, College B-Ball UConn, College Football U of Miami, and any team Nick Saban coaches.

Hockey I liked Montreal until they traded Patrick Roy, so I became a fan of the Avs. I think my favorite to watch is Bears , and College Basketball, especially in March.

So I will start with the Red Sox, I have no idea what the hell they were thinking going into the 2009 season.

The Yankees had just spent half a billion dollars, and our answer to that was an ancient John Smoltz, and a broken down Brad Penny…. Are you serious, the plan for countering the Yankees signing the top 3 free agents was that? And then we are surprised when we don’t make it out of the first round of the Playoffs … Now this season, we smartened up a bit but David Ortiz will never be the same again and we haven’t replaced Manny either, so we sign Beltre, a man who has hit a good number of HR’s since the Steroid Witch Hunt.

Wow , we did make our pitching better and if Beckett and Dice-K can get healthy, we will by far have the best Pitching Staff by far. The problem is who will hit???? SO maybe we will become an Angels like team, a great team every year , but never can win the big one, nice model to follow.

The Bears , OH GOD the Bears.

They sign this huge Quarterback and then do nothing about the fact we don’t have a reliable veteran receiver.

Marvin Harrison was available all year, but no he is too risky.

We had opportunity to sign a few different guys that could have made a difference.

Also keeping one of the worst Offensive Coorn.

in the league on staff was a bad idea, in 2008 almost every game they lost it was due to the fact they had the lead at half and then go into a conservative offense that allowed the other team to get back into the game.

Tampa , Carolina, Atlanta, etc…. And we miss the playoffs by one game.

Whose falt is that? In my opinion, the O -Coach PERIOD !!!

To be continued tomorrow……

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