Some Bodybuilding Principles

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Some Bodybuilding Principles

Building a magnificent body is the goal of every bodybuilder who sets her or his eyes on winning the next competition. Building that magnificent body requires, of course, dedication, but also some key body building principles that need to be followed in order to achieve the desired results without great hardship on you mind and body.  Below are some key points to help you achieve your goals in bodybuilding.

Heavy Weights – It is very important to be able to lift heavy weights that maximize the action of lifting for the purpose of creating muscle mass. Lifting weights that are too light for your level of body building minimizes the results of your overall workout routine. Training with a partner will help you lift heavy weights correctly. If you swing your body as you lift the weights, they are too heavy. You want stability as you lift heavy weights.

Slow and Steady – If you are lifting correctly, your repetitions should not be boring and the temptation to rush through them is at null. Rushing through your repetitions, breeds boredom because you will not get the results you need.  I remember watching Arnold Schwarzenegger “get off” on lifting properly. He could see the blood flowing through his veins. It looked awesome. With that said, it’s imperative that you take your time with each set and perform each lift slowly with control. This forced slow control is a great way to build muscle mass very quickly and achieve the wins you want to have with bodybuilding. Wins with bodybuilding is not boring.

Proper Technique – Not enough can be said about being aware of how you are lifting weights and working out. Aware of being aware is so very important when you lift. If your technique is wrong, working out is worthless.  You can also sustain some serious injuries if you’re using heavy weights incorrectly. Double-check your technique in the mirror or with a partner. Take a moment and make sure you lift properly for maximum effect.

Correct Amount of Reps and Sets – Do your math!  Be consistent in the number of repetition and sets you do for your routine. When you’re working on your body building session, cutting the amount of repetitions short or not doing enough sets can defeat the aim of what you’re trying to achieve. Then again, excessively working out and doing way too many sets in an attempt just get through the work out or to rectify missing a couple of days will only damage our body.

Follow these key points to help you achieve your goals in bodybuilding.

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