Shia LaBeouf Gets Buff

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Shia LaBeouf Gets Buff

Shia LaBeouf is one of those guys in Hollywood who comes out of nowhere — he starred in Even Stevens — and now he’s a mega-action-star.  Since he jumped as Jerry in Eagle Eye and took a turn as the spawn of Indiana Jones he’s been in great shape.

With most of these actors I profile I find that they have relatively commonplace ways of doing things and a really strange method of implementation.  Shia has neither.  This is about as straightforward as it gets.

If you read my piece on MMA workouts then you’ll remember that a reference was made to puking.  Actually, it was more like “If you want to puke then do it this many times.”

Well, the things Shia does fall into the same category.  I don’t want to repulse you, but some of you are super-hardcore and you might just want to push yourself over the edge. This is the perfect plan for that line of thinking.

If You’re Crazy

Actually, if you’re crazy and scrawny like Shia, you need to take drastic measures to put on muscle and pounds.  This plan goes seven days a week which means it’s more of a full-time job than a lifestyle.

Shia has a pretty standard diet packed with protein and a smart infusion of carbs, but if you’re already doing that don’t worry about it.  Even if you’re already lifting constantly or working out a lot this may be a good way to infuse your daily workouts with a different flavor.

Plus, if you’re really looking to get big you may find that this could almost serve as a “break” in comparison to the insane lifting you’re already doing.  Don’t take the workouts these celebrities do as “Oh, I don’t care what some scrawny actor does” because you might learn something.

However, don’t go the other way and say, “This is the gospel.”  Take the workout and make it into something that works for you.  You know you better than anybody else and you could really get a good idea from a crazy seven-day workout like this.

Or if you’re crazy you can just put this on top of the work you’re already doing and see how long it takes you to fall out!

Back, Chest, and Legs

Shia’s workout has a specific goal for each day.  Days one, two and three are back, chest and legs.  If you find that these don’t fit into your plan just change the day and go for it!

Chin Lift

Bend over to a barbell that you are comfortable with and grasp the bar with your arms hanging in front of you.  Slowly lift the bar to your chin and back down.  Complete four sets of 8-10 reps each.

Bench Press

I don’t think any of you are strangers to bench presses, but just in case I’ll remind you.  Keep your arms shoulder width on the bar and grasp the bar firmly.

Make sure to lift with a partner or spotter because if something should go wrong you need someone to keep you from getting really hurt.  Start with a comfortable weight and complete four sets of 8-10 reps each.

If you like you can change weights and continue to progressively harder weights instead of just sticking with one.  Just remember that you need a spotter and you need to know when to stop.  The last thing you want is to drop a heavy bar on yourself.

Leg Curls

Sit down on the machine and choose a weight you’re comfortable with.  Start with both legs and complete four sets of 8-10 reps each,  Next, move to your left leg and complete four sets with just your left leg.  Alternate to your left leg and complete another four sets.

This could turn into a “mini circuit” that could really pump up your legs.  If you’re crazy you’ll continue the circuit until failure, and you’ll impress us with your crazy legs!

Shoulders and Arms

Shoulders and arms shouldn’t feel like a chore and they shouldn’t get in the way of doing your lower body.  All the exertion you do with your arms on the other days of this workout is meant to benefit other parts of your body.

That means you need to be smart about how you work out previous to the arm and shoulder exercises.  It would also be easy to skip this because you use your arms and shoulders for everything you do.

Front Military Press

Start with a bar you’re comfortable with and lift it to the front of your neck.  Lift the bar straight up and above you with your arms extended fully.

Lower the bar back down in front of your neck and repeat.  Complete four sets of 8-10 reps each.

Triceps Push Down

Approach the push down machine and choose a weight you’re comfortable with.

Grip the handle over-handed. Push the weight down until your arms are extended and raise them back up.  Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and you don’t lock your knees. This seems like a static exercise, but too much exertion will make you pass out if you lock your knees.  Complete four sets of 8-10 reps each.

If you want to convert the exercise to a bicep pull down,  grip the bar under-handed and have at it!

Concentration Curls

Have a seat at your favorite bench and take a dumbbell you’re comfortable with in hand.  Place your elbow on your knee and leave your arm extended to the floor.

Complete four sets of 8-10 reps each, but remember that you need to support yourself by placing your free hand on your other knee.


Shia’s workout recommends that you do three days of plyometrics in addition to the lifting.  So, his workout looks like this:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Plyo
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Plyo
  • Plyo

That’s a lot of plyo for those of you who are trying to get big. Instead of just doing two days of plyo at the end of the week I’d substitute the body parts that you are really concentrating on at the time. Your arms are giving you problems?  Throw in the arms day again!  Chest is giving you problems?  Do the chest day again!

Don’t feel like you’re stuck with a particular sequence of days, and if you’re really crazy you’ll push yourself even harder than you normally do. Use Shia’s workout as an addition to a smart lifting plan, or if you’re little this could be the smartest way to start getting big.

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