Seven Essential Carbs for Bodybuilders

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Seven Essential Carbs for Bodybuilders

essential carbsUnless you are in a precontest, carbohydrates should be a major part of your diet because they trigger the secretion of insulin that aids in growth. If you are a bodybuilder and want to accelerate the muscle recovery and augment your muscle mass, then plan on eating the following seven foods which are good sources of carbs. But be warned though, because these foods help build muscle mass; so if you are a bodybuilder in a precontest and need foundational carbs, then these might not be the perfect food for you right now.

1. BREAKFAST CEREAL (Pros: suitable high-calorie food)

Bodybuilders should eat breakfast cereals containing 2g of fiber per serving, because these can be digested into appropriate bodybuilding foods. Since fiber slows down digestion, cereal is an excellent energy source. Bodybuilders can also double the serving size, add a scoop of whey protein and some milk to eat a total of 60g carbs and 30g protein which is very efficient.

2. BAGELS (Pros: handy)

Bagels are rich in carbs (a medium sized bagel has around 40-50g carb). They are also very convenient since bodybuilders don’t require time to cook or prepare it; thus it’s great for off-season diet. If you want extra advantages, then go for the ones with additional whole grains, like rye and pumpernickel.

3. BRAN MUFFINS (Pros: Fiber rich mass builder)

For best results, make your own bran muffins. It’s very easy and you can simply buy a fiber rich cereal which comes with a muffin recipe on the box. If you don’t have honey, then use sugar. Add 2-3 scoops whey protein and you have a protein and carb rich muffin! Why fiber rich? Because fiber makes the muffin “slow burning”, which is useful for bodybuilders looking to remain lean while building mass.

4. CREAM OF RICE CEREAL (Pros: Easily digestible)

Since Cream of Rice is very easily digested it is an excellent off-season food. Simply mix 2/3 cup cream of rice with water and you will have 65g of carbs ready to be digested easily. When cooking is done, add a banana, 1 cup cottage cheese and a few pinches of cinnamon to get a balanced meal containing 30g protein and 90g carbs.

5. MASHED POTATOES (Pros: Strong insulinogenic carb)

Bodybuilders looking to grow need quickly digestible carbs after workout, because these carbs trigger a rapid release of insulin that is quickly recovers glycogen levels. Mashed potatoes have 42g carbs per cup, so eat 2-3 cups of mashed potatoes after workout and you won’t feel too stuffed and it will provide the right amount of carbs.

6. WHITE RICE WITH RAISINS (Pros: Non-filling high-glycemic carbs)

Mix two cups of white rice with a handful of raisins and you will get a very efficient postworkout meal containing 115g of carbs which quickly recovers muscle glycogen. This is also a very good food as a side dish. For a delicious result, eat white rice with raisins combined with meat-vegetable stir fry.

7. PASTA (Pros: Carb Rich)

Pasta is a great food to increase the amount of carb intake. The best thing about pasta is that with only 4 ounces it yields around 90g; this is delicious to eat and it doesn’t even fill the stomach, so a bodybuilder will be able to eat again in 3 hours. For the best results, mix pasta with meat and vegetables to get a well balanced meal of carbs, proteins and calories.

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