Mass Building Diet

mass building dietWhile workouts make the hardest part of the bodybuilder’s life and rest and recovery make the easiest one, food must be the most pleasant one. However, for most amateurs food is another cause of depression. If you are trying to build up extra pounds, but look rather skinny, then you need to eat up in order to get bigger. Try to master the following tips on how to build up mass.

Eat more and more often

If you have skinny frame but can not increase your weight on your current diet, then you need to consume more calories per day. We recommend a radical increase in calorie intake by 20-30 percent at once over 7-10 days.

Foods for Mass Gain

Choose foods with the highest content of protein, complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, sweet potatoes), and unsaturated fats. Amateur athletes who want to gain weight, need to consume at least 3 grams of protein per each kilo of his weight daily.

Drink more

Bodybuilders who have hard time reaching results find it easier to consume protein and calories by drinking beverages. Buy beverage powder mixes, which contain at least 30 grams of protein serum and casein. Powders, which promote mass gain, help the body better absorb protein and calories. Milk is also an excellent substance for increasing weight.

Eat beef

Many specialists argue that beef with its high content of protein and even higher content of fat helps build up mass better than any other food.

Weight yourself

Monitor the results, weight yourself, and examine yourself in the mirror regularly. Weight gain of 1-1.5 kilograms per month is normal. Always watch for increase of fat in your organism. Your waist should not increase by more than 1-3 inches from the norm.

Remember Your Weight Goal

Never forget your ultimate goal. Weight is the base, once your build the base you can start shaping your body to perfection. As soon as you gain enough weight, reduce the calorie intake over the period of one week and return to the typical bodybuilder’s diet.

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