“Ryuma Go,” But Never Gone!

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“Ryuma Go,” But Never Gone!

Hiroshi Yagi aka “Ryuma Go” was born on March 23, 1956 in Japan. In 1976, he was given the name “Ryuma Go” by the votes of fans in Japan. He became a professional wrestler through the International Wrestling Enterprise’s {IWE} first audition in 1971, at the age of 15. His debut fight took place on September 9, 1972 against Tsutomu Yonemura in Fujioka, Japan through the IWE. In 1978, he came to the U.S. as a freelance wrestler, to be trained by the legendary Hiro Matsuda in Tampa, Florida.

“Go” was one of the first professional wrestlers to join the original Ultimate Wrestling Federation {UWF}. In 1989, “Go” started an organization called “Pioneer Senshi.” It was the first independent wrestling organization in Japan. He wrestled for several organizations as a freelance wrestler, including “New Japan” and WAR. “Go” won the World Wrestling Federation’s {WWF} Junior Heavyweight Title in 1979, in Osaka, Japan. He defeated Tatsumi Fujinami to win it and then lost it, a few days later.

“Go’s” record as a professional wrestler is as follows…

IWE (71-78)
New Japan (78-84)
UWF (84-86)
All Japan (87)
Pioneer Senshi (89-90)
Oriental Pro (90-92)

The International Wrestling Enterprise {IWE} was founded in 1966 and was ended in 1981. The Ultimate Wrestling Federation {UWF} is still active. New Japan is a major professional wrestling promotional organization, in Japan. It was founded by Antonio Inoki in 1972, and is one of the largest pro wrestling promotional organizations in the world. WAR is another professional wrestling promotional organization, that was founded and operated by Genichiro Tenryu. He is the successor to the “Super World of Sports” organization, that was started in 1992 and ended in 2000.

“Ryuma Go” died on October 18, 2009 of sepsis (blood poisoning due to pathogens or toxins in the blood). He was 53 years old. “Go” you’ve joined your matchmaker. Now, “Go” win that big bout, in that RIP arena far away.

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