Rotating Steroids For The Best Effect

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Rotating Steroids For The Best Effect

Remember that before I start to explain this it is just a way I utilize steroids for the best possible results.  After many cycles I started to realize that each steroid had a range of how long it can be used before its effectiveness starts to decline.  I feel that all cycles need Test to be successful even if it is at lower doses, and it seems that test stays effective for long periods.

For me it runs in the range of 12 -16 weeks without losing its kick, though i do switch esters sometimes during a cycle, but that’s not really relevant to the point.  I feel that rotating different compounds during a cycle allows for the best gains, this is especially useful if you know the range that a certain steroid is effective for yourself.  A few examples are Deca only continues to give me good gains for about 12 weeks, where i find Tren Acetate is only good for about 6-7 weeks.  Then we have EQ which I find needs at least 14-16 weeks to get the best gains.

 To me these are the best steroids, the only one missing from my top 4 is Primobolan.

Now I want to say this VERY clearly, “This is not a beginner’s cycle”. This is more for the person with quite a few notches in his belt, I say minimum 10 cycles.  Here is what my last cycle looked like to give you an idea of what I do.

Weeks 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate 500 mgs a week

Weeks 1-16 Equipose 600 mgs a week

Weeks 4-18 Primobolan 500 mgs a week

Weeks 12-22 Testosterone Propionate 100 mgs EOD (Every other day)

Weeks 13-20 Tren Acetate 100 mgs EOD

What I have done here is set up my cycle so that each steroid peaks at different times so that the gains don’t plateau off.  Even though this is a pretty long cycle, because I didn’t use any one compound for too long so I am less likely to over use the receptor.  This also uses other compounds so you don’t have to go crazy with the dosing of the Test, which means less possibility for side effects.

By no means does this mean there will be no side effects, that is based on the individual.  By doing cycles like this I have never had to raise the Test above 500 mgs and in return my gains keep coming.  I only write this so that someone else may put it to good use.  I haven’t changed the way people will run there cycles, all I did was re-invent the wheel for the millionth time.

So no I’m not a pioneer, just a man that found a set up that yields very good gains.

 But before you start such a cycle make sure that you have your PCT on hand, and the longer he cycle the better PCT you need.

 Also get your blood work done every 30 – 45 days just to safe.

 Hope this will help you in your future cycles.

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