Roid Rage, Myth Or Real Danger ???

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Roid Rage, Myth Or Real Danger ???

Today I found myself dangerously close to putting my hand through some stupid man’s forehead, and all because the man cut me off where I had to slam my brakes and swerve to not hit this asshole.  Low and behold he pulls into the same gas station as me, and his only comment was” what are you looking at”. Let me tell you this douche bag was all of 130 lbs and i might kill him with one punch.  If it wasn’t for my field of work and how hard it was to finish off my degree, I most likely would have beat him to death.  Now this is where it gets interesting my friend who was with me (who is also clueless about steroids and has that ignorant generalized view of roiding) who turns to me with a stupid smile and says “Roid Rage” it is all the juice you do.  This made me madder than the first incident but upon trying to educate him on the subject he instantly rejected it.  This wide spread ignorance is why steroids are so taboo, and i asked myself is Roid Rage real?

I grew up in a very rough urban neighborhood and because I am white I got some extra attention.  I can recall getting hit by some kid when i was 8 or 9 and having my dad send me back out there to whoop the kids ass, which i did.  I always seemed to have a special ability to find a way to win a fight, though by no means did I win them all.  So up until about age 19 I got into fights regularly, this isn’t something to be proud of but it is part of my past.  With this much violence in my history you would think that I am a prime candidate for Roid rage.  During my 11 different cycles I can’t recall a single steroid induced fight.  So does this disprove this idea to the world, highly unlikely because there will always be those stupid punks who get on juice and were absolute suckers but decide to do a cycle and no feel tough and start fights ( most likely getting there ass whooped once again). So this element of loser will always fuel the fire, but in the end the conclusion I feel most comfortable with is that yes to a certain extent steroids can slightly raise a person’ s temper but never have I seen a calm even person become the Incredible Hulk.

So no Roid Rage is not a huge issue for REAL men, who have any kind of self confidence, but this won’t stop the average idiot from blaming every non civil reaction from anyone who has used juiced on Roid Rage, but we know better.  At least I do.

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  1. gear199 says:

    roid rage does not exist, i think its more a mental ego thing when guys get big and muscular for the first time in their lives, i really beleive that some steroids should be available by prescription from the doctor, those steroids that are made available would need to be fully researched first, i most certainbly beleive that steroids should be available to law enforcement agents, with the current steroid laws people who want anabolic steroids just go and buy steroids online.

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