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reflex instant mass

Reflex Instant Mass

Reflex instant mass is a mass gainer supplement which contains micellar casein protein for a sustained amino acid release and has a wholegrain carbohydrate source for a low glycemic source of energy. Each serving contains 54 grams of protein, 65 grams of carbohydrates, and 564 calories. Manufactured by the popular supplement brand Reflex Nutrition, this mass gainer supplement should not be confused with instant whey which is the flagship whey protein product of the same brand.

What/who is Reflex instant mass for?

Instant mass is high in protein and calorie content, with moderate levels of low glycemic carbohydrates (organic barley and oats). Such a product would not be ideally suited for those who are trying to reduce body weight or reduce body fat levels, where calorie content will likely be restricted. Instead, instant mass as the name suggests is more suited to those who wish to add body weight and muscle mass. A surplus of protein and calories are essential for effective weight gain, therefore instant mass may work very well supplemented into a dietary plan which also follows this approach.

A serving or half serving in the morning, and/or during the day should be effective for increasing overall calorie consumption quickly and easily. Drinkable shakes can work well in the morning for those who struggle to eat much, providing an easy way to consume calories and the nutrients craved for by the body after a night time without food.

There is an important point to make regarding such mass gainers and also meal replacement products. Instant mass is not required, nor is any off the shelf supplement. Although it’s not always what people want to hear, diet must always come first. Supplements such as instant mass are great for those who already consume a diet which is based around their goals but who struggle to eat any more and need extra calories and protein to gain mass. Such supplements (including meal replacements) are also convenient for people who travel, or spend long time at work, and have the means to quickly mix together a shake and drink it within 5-10 minutes.

Price of Reflex instant mass

Instant mass (at the time of writing this) sells for £35.99 on the official Reflex Nutrition website, for a 2.727kg tub. There are other online suppliers which are selling the same sized tub for around £32-33, with further discounts available if you buy in bulk (2-3 tubs at one go). A first time user would be best trying one tub (to make sure they like the product), but the discounts available on many online stores would be a great option for those who regularly use the supplement and know which flavour they like the best.

Another option is the 5.4kg bag, which equates to double the weight of the 2.727kg tub but can be bought online from a few suppliers for around the £57-58 price range. As mentioned above, this may be a wise choice for those who regularly purchase the product, with further discounts available for buying these 5.4kg bags in bulk.

Serving sizes

Instant mass comes with a measuring scoop within the tub or bag, with one serving recommended as being 5 scoops (which equates to roughly 136 grams according to the label). Such a 136 grams serving contains 54 grams of protein, 65 grams of carbohydrates and 564 calories. There are 20 of these full servings per 2.727kg tub. There is no need to stick to these full servings however, half a serving will still provide over 280 calories and 27 grams of protein.

Reflex instant mass flavours

Flavours available include; banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. I cannot comment on banana or chocolate, but the strawberry and vanilla flavours are very palatable when mixed with water. Like many supplement shakes, they do not taste like a delicious milkshake (even though they are often marketed that way!), but as far as supplement shakes go the vanilla and strawberry flavours are very good. It is likely the other two flavours are also safe bets, so pick a flavour you like the sound of and you will unlikely go wrong.

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