Really ????? Is That The Truth?

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Really ????? Is That The Truth?

So while on my main forum , one of the members posted a video that played on TV during the World Series in Texas.

It was an attack on steroids and use in teens.

The funny thing is I agree , teens SHOULD NOT take steroids, but I don’t make things up to discourage , nor do I use unfounded myths to stop them.

It is poor practice and just immoral to lie to get a wanted response . If we have to play by the rules then so should the Anti-Steroid Entourage . Steroids Effects on Teens

The commercial states that steroids are bad for you , can cause a higher chance of liver cancer.

They destroy tendons , legs and arms.

They can stunt bone growth, and ruin you.  Steroids can cause stroke and heart attacks, which are all scary things.

My question is where are the medical reports to back such claims.

I must state that most of the claims are unfounded myths and issues that are highly unlikely, or only fact for the side effects of certain steroids.

This umbrella approach that all steroids do such are just plain untruthful.

I would love to see the numbers that were used in the research to back this commercial , if they did any at all. I had the same issues with Taylor Hooten and his misgivings of fact-less information.

Yes, winstrol can enlarge your tendons and even make them brittle but nandrolone decanoate actually helps tendon strength . Liver cancer , show me a study that conclusively shows a differential between liver cancer in adult males and adult male steroid user.

Same thing with prostate cancer, though certain steroids can effect the prostate , most studies can not give a definitive  answer one way or another.

I want facts, I want studies and research to show me  the basis of their argument, and if they cannot they need to do a public retraction .

In the end , commercials like this do not play by the rules or even rely on fact to fight this battle , they play upon peoples own ignorance of steroids and after school special’s obscure view of what steroids do. This is unacceptable, and they need to play fair just as we are held to these standards.

I await their response or public apology, but won’t hold my breath.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions, comments , or rebuttals.

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