Random Thoughts About Anabolics

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Random Thoughts About Anabolics

First off A-Fraud has been a fraud for a long time now and taking steroids might have legitimized him at least as a man, if nothing else.  I could imagine him standing in the mirror trying to get pumped up enough to stick the needle in.  Makes me laugh…..

Steroids don’t make you tough just for the record, so if you were a bitch who couldn’t fight before, NOTHING will change, it will just be a louder thud when you hit the ground. 

Steroids cannot make you a better hitter or field, it might help in your stolen base total but not much more.  You give a terrible minor leaguer a bunch of steroids, and all you will have is a jacked minor leaguer, not much more

Steroids do make your balls smaller but only for the length of the cycle, they do come back.  Your penis does not get smaller, but something to think about is does it make it bigger.  Oh ya shrinkage does happen, especially when it is cold.

If I could get one person to juice who would it be?  My friends Grandma because she is bad as hell at 88 pounds, so I couldn’t even imagine at like 190.  She dropped an attempted ( a bad one at that) mugger with one swing of the pocketbook. 

I pray for the entire steroid using community, that they use their God given sense.  And for all those who think Anthony Roberts is a bad guy, I have a blogger who talked bad about me and he was the only one to come to my defense, so he is a great guy and a very good friend.

Just some things to think about when your not thinking at all.  And as a rule of thumb I try to think as little as possible, and my commonsense kicks in.

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