Pyramid Training and Reverse Pyramid Training

Pyramid Training

A great way to build strength in the body is through an exercise known as pyramid training. Pyramid training is effective in two ways, one, it warms up the muscle groups and joints that are to be targeted and, two, the targeted muscles and supporting muscles require correct form to perform the exercise correctly, so as not to cause injury.

Pyramid training works in two ways with strength and reps. For example, twelve reps with a light weight, such as 5kg dumbbells are performed, then the weight is increased and ten reps are performed with a 7kg, for example. Two reps withdraw each time and a heavier weight is pushed. This form of training stresses out the muscles, which effectively causes small tears in the muscle and, together with the correct nutrition and good amounts of protein, the muscles grow back stronger and gain in strength.

Pyramid training pushes the muscles into overload. Everyone can benefit from using pyramid training in his or her exercise regime. By using pyramid training, the muscles, in effect, get used to the weight and therefore can be pushed to lift heavier weights. The heavier the weights used, the stronger the body will become. When the body strengthens, a heavier weight can be lifted.

For each week that pyramid training is performed, with the final one rep max, increase the weight, if possible. If, for example, you increase the one rep max on a bench press, make sure that you have a person there or spotter who can help you perform the one rep max, in case there are complications and so as not to cause injury.

Pyramid training can help those people who are unfamiliar with resistance or weight training to become more comfortable with weights and equipment to develop their own performance with weight training. It is important to plan a goal, and then set the weights and repetitions. If you wish to tone the body, use lighter weights but perform more repetitions. If you wish to gain in strength and build muscle, use a heavier weight and do fewer reps. Finally, try out the pyramid training programme to make sure that it works toward your personal goals.

Pyramid training works specifically to allow you to push the muscles to fatigue. The harder the muscle burn, the stronger the muscles will become. Rather than perform the exercise quickly, focus on the correct true form and spend time on performing the exercises correctly. Expect muscle soreness with this type of training as small tears are caused in the muscle tissue.

Whether you desire to set out with ten reps or fourteen, as long as it is what you want to push your body to do, with the right mental strength and motivation from your spotter, this is a perfect form of training to build muscle strength.

Reverse Pyramid Training

This form of training requires a lot of energy. This mean that the intensity of the training may suffer, so may lead to overtraining in many people, specifically bodybuilders who struggle to restore their form.

Reverse pyramid training requires you to understand that, firstly you must learn how to train for a short period but train hard, learn about supplements, nutrition pre training and post training, and reduce the training to make it much more efficient on the body.

This form of training allows a person to gain lean muscle weight or change the shape of the body in the shortest space of time. However, do not begin your training regime with reverse pyramid training as it could injure the muscles. Instead, gently warm the muscles and incorporate reverse pyramid training during the main part of your routine.

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