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Fast Abs Workout

Whilst magazines may use “fast abs” or “5 minute abs” as titles to entice readers looking for quick results, obtaining a quality midsection does require some patience, as well as attention to diet and cardio. If you are overweight, take steady steps to reduce overall bodyweight via diet and exercise. That said, an abdominal workout can be performed quickly and effectively in less than 15 minutes. The following routine can be performed up to three times per week, ensuring at least one days rest between each session.

Perform each exercise for the stated number of repetitions then move onto the next exercise with no rest in between. Rest for three minutes after the circuit is completed. Repeat the circuit a total of three times.

1. Traditional crunch

Instructions: Lay on back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place hands to the side of the head, but do not place any pressure on the head or neck with the hands. Lift the shoulders off the floor and curl them towards the pelvis region, contracting the abdominal muscles. The lower back does not leave the floor, with the range of motion much more acute than that of the full sit up. Slowly lower the upper torso to the starting position. Repeat for repetitions.

How many? 10-15 reps

2. Criss-crosses

Instructions: Lay on back, bend knees at 90 degrees and lift feet off the floor so thighs are parallel to the floor and knees are pointing to the ceiling. Place hands close to the head, just as above when performing the crunch. Simultaneously extend the right leg so the straightened leg hovers 6-12 inches off the floor, bring the left knee towards the right shoulder whilst bringing the right shoulder towards the left leg. The action is then reversed to the starting position and repeated for the other side.

How many? 8 reps per side (so effectively 16 crunches in total)

3. Side plank twist

Instructions: Lay on side, with the arm closest to the floor positioned perpendicular to the floor and forearm bent at 90 degrees pointing away from the torso. Place the foot of the top leg over the top of the bottom foot, so in it is contact with the floor to aid balance. Push the hips towards the ceiling so the body is all inline, with the bottom arm supporting the torso. Extend the top arm up in the air, towards the ceiling. Bring the top arm around in front of the body and then under, rotating the upper body in the process. Twist back to the starting position. Repeat for repetitions, and then switch to other side.

How many? 8 reps per side

I want fast abs, what else should I do?

Exercising the abs directly will only really stimulate the muscle tissue, as well burn a moderate amount of calories due to the act of performing the exercises. What is really needed for most is a plan to reduce overall body fat. Stimulating the abdominal muscles will not tone the midsection; it will rather induce possible muscle tissue growth (known as muscle hypertrophy). For a visible set of abs, cardio and diet are paramount. Perform cardiovascular activities to expel calories and accelerate fat loss, whilst following a suitable diet plan.

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