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Parabolan provides both muscle build-up and high quality muscle tissues. This drug is known to promote long-lasting effects which was manufactured and introduced by a French pharmaceutical laboratory, Negma. This strong androgen was pulled out in the market in year 1997 by the same company.

Parabolan contains Trenbolone, its parent steroid, and an ester called hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. The parent steroid Trenbolone causes the high androgenic and anti-estrogenic properties, while hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester causes the fast-acting effects of Parabolan. This anabolic steroid can produce massive muscle gains five times more than testosterone. Also, it helps in slowing down the breakdown muscle tissues and provides more time for theses muscle tissues to regenerate.

Bodybuilders and athletes can achieve high caliber muscle tissues when using Parabolan since it contains Trenbolone which acts as a progestin. This happens because Parabolan does not easily bind with aromatase enzyme, so the possibility to experience the effects of estrogen is not likely to happen. Without the conversion and actions of estrogen, the accumulation and storage of unnecessary water and fats in the muscle fibers will not happen. This of course will result to leaner, meatier and more defined body muscles.

Parabolan is a strong androgen so it exhibits androgenic side effects, similar to other anabolic androgenic steroids. This compound is not ideal for women because of the virilization effects that might develop. Common adverse reactions that may develop are sleep disorder, excessive sweating and high level of aggression.

Although Parabolan is an anti-estrogen, it is not free from developing pro-female effects caused by progestin. In some cases of male users who are sensitive to this hormone, they develop a conditioned called gynecomastia. This condition is characterized as the abnormal growth or enlargement of the male breasts tissues. This effect is irreversible even Parabolan is stopped, although a surgery can be performed to remove excess tissues. Other side effects include suppressed production of testosterone, defects in the formation of sperms and low level of sexual drive.

This drug was pulled out of the market in 1997 by Negama, but it was re-introduced again in the market but in limited quantity. Because it is difficult to avail this drug, a lot of fake formulations are scattered in the market. This drug is a regulated drug, so you can only avail this over the pharmacies if a prescription from a physician is presented. Just like other, anabolic steroid, Parabolan is considered a doping drug by the Olympics and Major Baseball League. When an athlete is tested positive in this substance, he will be suspended from the games.

You can also avail Parabolan through fitness gyms, but they are usually sold underground. The best option to purchase Parabolan and other anabolic steroid is through online shops. These shops offer convenient methods of ordering and payment. You can do the transaction at the comfort of your homes, which is safe and private. Buying steroids from online shops also provide quick service and delivery of the items. Best thing about online shops, is that prescription is often unnecessary.

Parabolan Trade Names

Parabolan 100, Trenboxyl Hexa, Tren H, Pharma Tren H100

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