After the release of Testosterone, first anabolic androgenic steroid, Ciba pharmaceutical company and Dr. John Zeigler of the US weightlifting team, worked together to develop another type of steroid to be used as equalizer for US athletes. Son, in the year 1965, Dianabol was introduced in the market.  The initial insert of this drug indicated that one tablet containing 10mg. is sufficient enough to replenish the androgen in the body. It also claimed that this amount can enhance muscle mass by five times while it diminishes cortisol levels to 50%. After a while, Dianabol production was stopped in the US, although some Asian and European countries, still manufacture this drug.

Dianabol is highly androgenic thus produces great anabolic results. It was actually derived from testosterone through its parent steroid methandrostenolone. As illustrated in its first insert, Dianabol is said to enhance protein synthesis in the body. This process together with the positive nitrogen uptake greatly contributes in building new muscle tissues and adding power to the body.

When the body produces more protein, the more muscle tissues it can create. These properties of Dianabol efficiently promote muscle gains and strength.

This compound is an androgen; therefore androgen-related side effects are possible. Similar to other anabolic androgenic compounds, you may experience acne formation on the face and on the upper torso of the body. You can also develop difficulty in sleeping, hair loss and high level of aggression. On the other hand, female may develop some virilizing effects such as deepening of the voice and hirsutism, abnormal growth of facial and body hair. These are the reasons why Dianabol is not advised for women.

Dianabol easily binds with aromatase enzyme which promotes its estrogen-related effects. When this drug converts to estrogen, female-like muscles eventually develop. This smooth muscles occur because estrogen allows unwanted fluid, water and fats to deposit and accumulate in between muscle fibers resulting to flabby muscle tissues. This water and fat absorption may also lead to other effects like weight gain, high cholesterol level and hypertension. Dianabol, in some cases, results to gynecomastia or the abnormal increase in the breast tissues of males. This condition is permanent and can only be reversed through surgery.

A regular daily dose of 15 to 40mg of this drug for two months can cause minute change in the liver function but it does not lead to liver damage. However, prolonged use can result to diminishing return, while high dosage results to liver cirrhosis and jaundice.

Olympics and other sporting bodies ban this drug since it is classified as regulated drugs. This means that possession and use without the prescription of a doctor is punishable by the law. Dianabol and other steroids are available in drugstores, gyms and via online stores. But availing this drug through local gyms and drugstore is quite inconvenient, most people order from online stores. Here you can buy without prescription at the privacy of your homes. Online stores offer easy and safe payment either by credit cards or other electronic means.

Used to be known as the Breakfast of Champions, Dianabol is one of the most effective oral steroids ever made. Good for strength and size gains, but water retention can be a problem especially at high doses. Dianabol comes in many forms some of which are practically useless. All are fakes, the real dianabol stopped being produced in 1986, but there are plenty of good copies out there. My own favourite being the Dragon Pharma product, Dianabol 20.

Dianabol active substance is Methandrostelonone.


Usually stacked with Deca or Primobolan, but has been stacked with practically all combinations. Comes in all colours and shapes and should be a 5 mg. Tablet. Dosage levels are usually 20 to 30 mg. Per day, but I have seen as many as 20 of these little suckers being taken at once.

Dianabol Trade Names

Methandienone, Methandrostenolone, Anabol, Andoredan, Danabol, Encephan, Lanabolin, Metabolina, Metaboline, Metanabol, Metandiabol, Metastenol, Methafurin 60, Nabolin, Nerobil, Nerobol, Perbolin, Pronabol, Restauvit, Stenolon, Trinergic, Dbol, Dianoxyl.

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