Operation Raw Deal Still Should Concern Some

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Operation Raw Deal Still Should Concern Some

Though this seems like an after thought, by no means are distributors of illegal anabolic steroids safe from the wrath of Operation Raw Deal.

 For the most part the ones who got caught caused more issues for the people who made them rich, then anything else.

 Giving up clientele lists afterwards is not necessary, unless you want 10 days off your sentence.

 Giving up sites where you had friends also seems to me like a dirt bag move.

 I’m sorry but I realize there is consequences for all my actions, I’m not delusional enough to believe that steroids in the U.S. are legal.

 I do realize that the First Amendment allows me to share experience and knowledge on a legit forum with the rest of the World, to insure people use steroids safely if they do decide to juice.

If you live in Texas you understand what I speak of, watching bust after bust.

 I have read of a few guys getting arrested for personal use, which seems like a huge waste of tax dollars.

 This was predicted long ago by Anthony Roberts,  and it also seems that his word that New York and Connecticut have some surprises coming, also looks to be prophetic.

 The word around town is that the Tri-State area is next, and I understand New York, but Connecticut doesn’t seem to be a hot bed for steroids.

 But the buzz states otherwise, so I say to all members of the anabolic community in that area, be careful, watch who you trust, and if you are one of many unlucky people to get busted KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

 More innocent people get arrested when people try to save there own ass.  It is unfair for a distributor of steroids to get less time because he gives up a few customers.

 Who is really the threat the here?  I also heard a rumor that many Bodybuilding affliates are going to be targeted.

 This makes no senses to me, what threat are they to our country.

 I read an article the other day that a 14 year old kid got shot and robbed by a crackhead, and yet there seems to be no country wide task force on crack, yes there are task forces for drugs but no other group is labeled by a specific illegal substance as they do with anabolic steroids.

 Why I ask, is this?  Are there groups of juicers wondering around robbing and killing for a bottle of Test?  Not that I know of.  Are there drive by shootings over steroid gang’s turf.

 Once again, none that I have heard of.  So where does this lead us to believe?  My opinion is that someone high up has a huge hard-on for steroids and doesn’t even know why.  It’s also a possibility that there are a group of Government Agents counting on a promotion from all these quality arrests (that makes me laugh).  I think attacking forums is the worst thing possible for the newcomers to steroids, not knowing what they’re doing doesn’t stop most from following through anyway.

 These forums help inform and educate the proper and safe way to use anabolic steroids.

 Even the ones who sell steroids to the public,  they make sure the person gets real steroids and this is much better then getting a bogus bottle that only God knows what is in it.  This can severely hurt or kill someone if the person forfeiting the juice has no clue what he is doing.

 So even though it is illegal to sell steroids to many countries, it still serves a purpose and is a much better option then the latter.

 Taking out well known legit sources makes it, at times, unsafe to buy steroids.

 To the Powers That Be, most of the steroid community doesn’t hurt anyone and if so they hurt themselves, that is it.  For my Brothers and Sisters, please be safe and watch your back, because this is a very dangerous time for anabolic steroids, whether it is for use or to sell.

 I hope one day we all realize there are more important battles to fight, but until then I will be here to help.

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