NFL: The Big 3-Pacman, Turrull, and OT

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NFL: The Big 3-Pacman, Turrull, and OT

Don’t you just hate it when the NFL announces it’s going to start tinkering with playoff overtime rules and they call it “OT”?  Then you’re trying to figure you out what rules there are for offensive tackles?

They’re big dudes who take up space: What possible trouble could they get into, right?

Anyways, we’ve got a pretty intense “Big 3” this week.  In this first installment we MUST discuss the proposed changes to the overtime rules in playoff games.  We have got to figure out why the Ravens want a piece of T.O., and certainly we can figure out how any scout would dare show up to a private workout for Pacman Jones.

We’ll play “Contender or Pretender” with the Ravens + T.O.—just for fun—and we’ll tell some nightmare tales that could come out of these new overtime rules.

This should be fun!

What does a “legitimate interest” in T.O. mean?

John Harbaugh says that interest from the Ravens in T.O. is “legitimate”.  So, what is legitimate interest anyways?

I don’t rightly understand what benefit the Ravens can get from signing a 36-year old receiver whose better days happened in Philly—last decade!  Don’t they already have Derrick Mason?

I know that John Harbaugh has got a great “offensive mind” and that he can work wonders, but putting Joe Flacco in the position of dealing with T.O. makes no sense.

Even if you think Flacco can handle him why would you bother?  That’s like saying that I think I can eat one of those tiny hot peppers without dying.

True, I may not die, but my tongue might fall off.  Is it really worth Joe Flacco’s tongue?  Is Turrull REALLY worth that much to you?  Didn’t this team make the playoffs twice in a row?

It would have made more sense for the Ravens to pass and let someone like the Chiefs or Raiders take a shot at him.  Yes, T.O. has reached the “ridiculously stupid signing” phase of his career.

Anyone who takes him on does so at GREAT risk because he probably doesn’t have anything left.  For all that is holy:  Stay away from this guy Baltimore.  Please!

Would YOU Go To Pacman’s Private Workout?

Pacman Jones has arranged for a private workout with NFL scouts in an attempt to comeback to the NFL.  Would you go?

He’s going to workout on March 19th right after Tulane’s pro-day.  Honestly, would you be at Tulane’s pro-day to begin with and if you were would you stay just to watch Pacman Jones?

Pacman has had a hard time of it in the last few years, but I don’t know that anyone will want to deal with him.  Compare Pacman with Dez Bryant:

Dez Bryant is the receiver from Okie State that no one will touch with a 10-foot pole.  They say he’s lazy and arrogant.  One scout even said:

“I wouldn’t draft that kid unless I had someone to wake him up in the morning to get to meetings, someone to wake him up for practice and someone to wake him up for games.”

Wow!  Dez Bryant is the “hot/new” receiving talent on the block and he can’t get a sniff.  Why would we think that Pacman is even worth a second-look after all the trouble he’s been in?

At some point we have to let certain players go.  I’m afraid this might be Pacman’s time to “let go”.  Let the dream die.  You were a very good player, but now it’s time to go.  The Titans certainly don’t need you anymore.  Nor do the Cowboys.

You could try to extend your career through the “ridiculously stupid signing” department.  However, you’d only tarnish your less-than-stellar image even more.

You were the ultimate talent…and you gave it up baby.

Happy trails.

Who In The Hell Decided This Was a Good Playoff Rule?

The proposed new overtime rules seem a little strange.  If you don’t pay attention then you’ll think they are just like college, but they aren’t.

The proposal stipulates the following:

–           Each team gets the ball in overtime.

–          Unless the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown

No, that’s it.  I know, you’re wondering what the hell is up with that.  Basically, the idea is to stop teams from getting the ball in overtime and running down to kick a field goal.

Here’s the problem: If you get the ball first and all you can do is kick a field goal then you’re screwed.  The other team gets the ball and has a chance to score a touchdown OR kick a field goal and tie the game to give you the ball back.

How do you strategize for that?  If you get the ball then you don’t want to “go for it” because you’re afraid of the “home run” interception or fumble.

If you run down and kick a field goal you had better be really confident in your defense.  There’s no definitive plan for this.

Imagine if the Packers/Cardinals wildcard game had gone down to this.  The Cardinals give up the ball to the Packers and the Packers trust their defense—and just saw Rackers miss a field goal—so they play it safe and don’t have Rodgers rolling back to take the big shot—which is what was happening when he lost the ball and Arizona won the game.

The Cardinals get the ball and give it to Kurt Warner—if they stop Green Bay—and Warner is gunning it because Rackers just missed one.  That game could have turned out EXACTLY opposite of how it did.

What if this “lack of ability to plan” results in lots of conservative play?  Will all of these games end in ties?  Do we know the last time a game ended in a tie?  Atlanta and Pittsburgh in 2002.  The Falcons went to the NFC Title Game that season.

Do you feel weird when football games end in ties?  I do, and if there isn’t a provision for ties this might happen.

Yes, I know they are only proposing to change the rules in overtime.  I would be BITCHING like crazy to get the rules applied to regular season games.  Why?

Because players ALREADY don’t know the rules.  How bad is it going to be if the rules change come playoff time?

Just imagine Donovan McNabb explaining his ignorance after a PLAYOFF loss.  How fast would he get the boot out of Philly?

I say he’d be gone in 10 minutes, but the NFL doesn’t move that fast.  Let’s set the over/under at 48 hours.

Any takers?

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