Needed A Break

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Needed A Break

I apologize for the 4th or 5th time for disappearing, but due to plans of getting married, yes I am a lucky man, and my lack of patience for stupidity within the steroid community, I had to take a few weeks off. This is at the cost of my numbers of readers a day, and I thank the readers that stayed.

First off I have to state that the ignorance of some within this community is unreal and you really need to get a grasp on the basic information behind the stuff you are injecting into your body.

If you noticed in my comments I had a full blown argument with a person who has no idea of what he is putting in his body, and this is a gentleman who believes he is some sort of veteran, which means he gives advice, that is like an EMT performing surgery.

True the EMT is skilled at what he does but by no means should be suiting up on a bypass surgery, nor should I.

I do have to credit Anthony Roberts, who is a constant target of these perpetual idiots and I commend him for  such.  I will never have the quality of blogs nor will I have the thick skin that  he portrays.

He helped me from the start, and guided me through my first months, and he warned me. A warning I took lightly, and now have fully realized the extent of this.

How ardent these morons can be.

First I owe Uncle Z a huge apology for not getting his banner up in a timely fashion, and to all my readers for another disappearance.

I shall write like the wind, and inform you all of what is on my mind.

I will tell you that these recent attacks from Axio’s bitches will not detour from telling my opinion on their sub-par products.

As I try to protect , these losers try to hurt those around them.

God save us all.

Check out a new up and coming Forum at check it out sometime, and I hear they will be having a lot of contest to give away free gear coming up. Have a great day.

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