Nate Quarry’s Feud With Sponsor is Getting Ugly

As some of you may know, fighters make money in plenty of other ways than simply getting in the ring. Some do commercials, some open their own gyms, but mostly, fighters get sponsorships. I’m sure you’ve seen the banners hanging behind a fighter while he is being introduced, it’s usually loaded with plugs for other companies. Until recently, it wasn’t uncommon to see “Condom Depot” plastered over the backside of their shorts. One of the main things though, was the walkout t-shirt. Fighters would get paid big bucks to wear an MMA specially designed t-shirt. This is where Nate Quarry’s problems with Fight Mafia began.

As some of you may remember, Nate was in one of 2009’s best fights of the year against Tim Credeur at Ultimate Fight Night 19. Nate won some bonus money for having the fight of the night, but the real drama started three months later when he made a startling revelation on his twitter account.

2nd check from Fight Mafia has bounced. its now three months since my fight without receiving a dime from them. this is truth. not slander.2:44 AM Dec 24th, 2009 from txt

Fans were outraged, some MMA media sources reported on it, and I assumed that was the end of the drama because the sponsor would have been shamed into paying up.

Apparently not. After finally paying Nate Quarry his sponsorship fee but failing to pay his share of the profits from his shirt sales, Fight Mafia owner Noel Brooks posted this video on youtube talking trash about Quarry. In it he calls Quarry a whiner, a crybaby, a bully and claims that he paid Quarry in full. He finishes the video by promising to load up Quarry’s next opponent with Fight Mafia gear. He disabled comments on the video, I’m assuming after Quarry fans started letting him have it.

Quarry responded on twitter

Fight mafia is doing a blow out sale on my shirt. Too bad I won’t see any of the $$

Despite what someone might say, I’m still owed money from Fight Mafia. He knows it and I have the email to prove it.

Noel from Fight Mafia wants to attack my character? Really? Okay son. Prepare yourself.

The problem with lying and slander is you have to keep all your lies straight. And not put contradicting lies in print. One to grow on.

And Noel from Fight Mafia now is officially slandering me. Calling me an egomaniac and how I cause problem after problem.

I was going to let this go Noel. Not after reading your texts to my agent. Prepare for round 2

According to Noel I am a “flat out prick” for demanding to be paid what I am owed. And I am a wacko for warning the world he does not honor his debts. Well color me crazy then.

Quarry got the last word with an official statement on his myspace:

Working for a living but not being paid for it or How Fight Mafia can make money off your name
Current mood: determined

For those of you that didn’t know, I fought last… geeze let me check the calendar… September I think it was? A fight night performance against Tim Creduer where we won fight of the night honors. I was wearing a very cool walkout shirt made by the Fight Mafia. I was to be paid a flat fee for wearing the shirt and get a cut of profits from sales as well. Specifically sales to my biggest sponsor and close friends at Nuvasive. After 4 months of broken promises I’ve had enough and am telling the story. Mostly I’ll just quote emails sent from Noel, the owner. This is a direct cut and paste from Noel.

The e-mails Quarry quoted are listed here if you feel like reading through them.

My thoughts? Quarry has already won in the court of public opinion. As long as he doesn’t do anything stupid like punch Noel in the face or make documented threats, he’ll get the rest of his money. Also, I firmly believe in the “any publicity is good publicity” motto. I’m sure several people who never heard of Fight Mafia have been checking out their website and their inventory. Hopefully this all gets settled soon and they don’t have to turn it into an even messier legal situation.

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