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Mouth of the South

Large-Mouth CatAt only 5′9″ tall and weighing 185 lbs, thirty year old #89 WR Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers is a voice to be reckoned with. Smith is, somewhat, of a mentor to the rookies on the Panthers team. A self-proclaimed introvert….he is far beyond the silent and reserved character that he claims to be. Frequently, he is out-spoken about matters that are relevant to him. Smith verbalizes his opinions in a ferocious panther-like fashion.

In the game against the Arizona Cardinals….Smith caught a 50 yard touchdown reception from QB Jake Delhomme. This was his {Smith} first of the season. The Panthers went on to cripple the wings of the Cardinals, preventing them from taking a winning flight. Then, the Carolina big cats completed the damage by ingesting the injured red birds with a 34-21 point defeat.

The offensive struggles of the Panthers have hindered players like Smith, from performing at their best. Perhaps, Carolina may want to consider Matt Moore as the starting QB, while Delhomme pur-r-s, quietly, on the sidelines. Let’s just hope, that there is not a Rae Carruth curse on that #89 jersey, that may destroy Smith’s chances of a successful NFL career.

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