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Lets get to it, more info on how to avoid and prepare yourself for side effects. These aren’t the only way to do so, it is just my way…. Your Liver is a very resilient filter , but that is only until you go too far, and then there is no turning back. The statement I hear and it makes me soooo mad is ” I had my liver tested and it is fine so I don’t need to take any liver protection” . That is so wrong.  If you don’t protect your liver while it is healthy then  it will not stay healthy for too much longer. I like using Liv-52 , there are a few different options , but once again this mine for many reasons.

The idea we need to understand is Liv-52 does not fix your liver, it helps defend against current toxins and aids in rejuvenation. There really isn’t any supplement that fixsyour liver. So don’t listen to anyone that states there supplement can completely reapir their liver. Prostate health is important, and there are various issues that can arise. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in males ( women not so much).  The fact that steroid use can put strain on the your prostate is all the more reason to protect it. I always use Saw Palmetto  while on cycle because it has some good effects against DHT. If the sides become noticeable I will use a 5-alpha reductase enzyme inhibitor, such as Finasteride.

I personally avoid using any AI or SERM or 5-alpha, unless the sides are apparent. The reason being is it’s like taking antibiotics, you don’t use them unless your sick, correct? Of course this is to maintain the items effectiveness. If it is used all the time for no reason, then it will not do its job when you actually need it. Testicular atrophy is an issue I get a question on once in a while. My advise is “Deal With It”. Suck it up, it is not permanent. Stunted growth, well if your not fully grown you shouldn’t use AAS anyway, but I have heard of younger men using Arimidex every other day , in an attempt to avoid growplate fusing.

I will hold off there because I need every-one’s help, I want to attempt to put together a book of all the most known labs and pictures of there vials, to help members  avoid fakes. What I need from you all is, please send me pictures of any bottles you may have, please send all couple of angles and its cap if you could I would greatly appreciate it. Please send these pics to my email address.

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