Miguel Tejada, What A Gross Hypocracy.

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Miguel Tejada, What A Gross Hypocracy.

So I wanted to touch on this subject because it is about steroids and it did piss me off ( what doesn’t now a days).  I do understand the idea of lying UNDER OATH, but Miguel WASN’T UNDER OATH.  So when he lied to politicians, but how many times has the same politicians lied to us.  Does ” No New Taxes” ring a bell.

or “I Didn’t have sexual relations with Monica, How about my favorite ” I Didn’t Inhale”.  Just for the record, no charges have been filed against any of these gentlemen ( and I use that word loosely).

So we have a man who is get criminal charges against him for something these men of this committee do on a regular basis.  That is called misuse of power, when did policemen stop being servants of the public, and start being above the law.  When did politicians stop representing the people, to only represent their own pockets.  Miguel my brother, this is bullshit and those men know it.  So know you have support right here man.  No disrespect to anyone, but this is crap……..

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