Doomed to Repeat NFL History, Prospects and Criminals

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Doomed to Repeat NFL History, Prospects and Criminals

The NFL may be the most successful of all the professional leagues in America, but it definitely does not have the smartest employees.  Everyone has to fail sometime, but some organizations do it with such regularity I can’t help but watch and laugh.

The great thing about bad teams in the NFL, is that every time they have a chance to capitalize from their negativity they only add to the disaster they already created.

The St. Louis Rams could take some real strides in this year’s draft, but there may be to much weight on their shoulders. What  can they do to avoid repeating the dreadful mistakes of No. 1 picks from the past?

The New York Jets are going to be the focus of the wildly popular Hard Knocks series on HBO.  I have come up with a great idea for a series to follow Hard Knocks. The theme song might sound something like, “Black and Gold what you gonna do when they come for you?”

Into the Black Whole… Noooooo

I hope with all of my being that reports from ESPN’s Adam Schefter about the Oakland Raiders being the best potential suitor for Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb are false.  When McNabb heard this he probably vomited Campbell’s Chunky soup all over himself.

I understand that the stench of desperation looming in the Bay Area has to do with two things, the Raiders need for a QB and the decomposing body of their owner Al Davis.

McNabb apparently expressed interest in joining the Vikings if traded, but they are going to stand strong and hope that Brett Favre doesn’t run his own foot over with a John Deer.

If you are a fan of an NFL team there are certain things you don’t want to hear.  Sundays game will be blacked out, our QB is out with a knee injury, and we are interested in signing Adam “Pac Man” Jones.

According to ESPN, Jones agent is reporting that Detroit “Minor League” Lions and the Cincinnati “Convict” Bengals are interested in signing Pac Man.  Both of these teams have already worked out Jones this off season.  Still he remains unsigned at this point, Jones can only hope someone blows out their knee before he gets arrested at another strip club.

Better Luck Checking the Grocery Store

The St. Louis Rams organization stumbled upon the majority of success they have had, starting a guy who came from stocking shelves isn’t the ideal way to win a Super Bowl.

The last four or five years Steven Jackson is the only thing that is positive to come from the Rams.  I guess they also managed to beat out the Lions for the first pick in this years draft.

Rams front office please listen up.  Just because you’ve got the first pick doesn’t mean you have to actually pick someone.  You guys could trade that pick for something deeper in the top 10 and possibly get and additional pick in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.  Lets face it, its not like you guys only need one position to get headed in the right direction.

ESPN insiders reported that the Rams are going to take Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford.  Apparently he looked great at his pro day in Oklahoma.  Might I remind you that he was wearing no shoulder pads, didn’t take snaps from under center, and most importantly didn’t have 300 pound men chasing after him trying to tear his limbs off.

The other thing that worries me about Bradford is the fact that he suffered two shoulder injuries last season and had to have shoulder surgery.  If it were a knee or ankle injury I would be less worry due to the fact that I’m not looking for him to scramble like Michael Vick, but this is the shoulder your about to invest millions of dollars in.

If Tim Tebow is the product of a system then so is Bradford.  Only difference is Bradford’s system was meant for him to sling it all over the yard and rack up great numbers in a spread offense.  Also benefited by sub-par defenses in the Big-12.  The weight of performing in St. Louis will be to much for the surgically repaired shoulder of Bradford.

HBO Presents Cops: NFL Style

It seems like every time I turn around someone else in the NFL is getting busted for domestic violence, drug or weapon possession, DUI, and or sexual assault.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Pittsburg Steelers told Ben Roethlisberger to stay away from mini camps this week in hopes to avoid team distractions.  I am willing to bet that it’s not just to avoid distractions, but for the safety of the off season cheer leading workouts.

More negative news came from Steelers camp this past week regarding an incident with WR Santonio Holmes.  A woman alleges that Holmes grabbed her face and also threw a glass at her that struck her in the head leaving a cut near her eye.

Mr. Holmes, here is a defense angle for your attorney, the music was really loud inside the Orlando nightclub and you thought you heard her say lets reenact the game winning Super Bowl catch by you in ’08.  She wanted to play the part of you, when you spiraled the glass towards her she couldn’t get her hands on it and the glass bounced off the side of her head.

Sticking with the black and gold theme, Yahoo News reported former Steelers LB Joey Porter was arrested Saturday for suspicion of drunk driving, assaulting an officers, and resisting arrest.  I have no idea what Porter was doing in Bakersfield, CA. I have a good friend from their and the only reason he goes back is to visit his mother.

I get the fact that athletes are big time targets for trying to extort money, but some of the things I hear them getting arrested for are non-sense.  If you had more drinks than expect, then take a cab.  Its not like myself who might not be able to afford the cab fare home, Porter just signed with Arizona Cardinals.  I am thinking that maybe I going into the wrong field, who wants to start an NFL Bail Bond Co. with me?

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