Matt “The Immortal” Brown vs Ricardo Almeida at UFC 111

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Matt “The Immortal” Brown vs Ricardo Almeida at UFC 111

Remember the very tough Ultimate Fighter Reality TV show contestant Matt “The Immortal” Brown (11-7) ?  Well, he is back and will be facing Ricardo Almeida (11-3) at UFC 111.  Matt Brown is on a three fight win streak defeating Ryan Thomas, Pete Sell and James Wilks.  Not only has Brown shown brut toughness in his fights, but he has also shown some pretty solid Muay Tahi and BJJ skills.  Brown spends his time training with Matt Hume out of Seattle and with Wanderlei Silva’s Warrior Training Center in Las Vegas, NV and is surely making hugh gains in his fighting ability.

Ricardo Almieda is a third degree black belt under Renzo Gracie and is a part of the Gracie Barrra Combat Team.  Almieda used to fight at middle weight and most recently defeated Kendall Grove at UFC 101 via unanimous decision.  For this fight, Almieda will be dropping down to welterweight to test his skills against Brown.  A while Almieda is a dangerous BJJ fighter only 4 of his last 14 wins were via submission leaving reason to think something is missing from his fight game.

If this fight stays standing, I would give it to Matt Brown who is know for a hard chin and a no quit, come to bang style.  If the fight hits the ground, there is a good chance Brown will get submitted, or at least run into some seriously dangerous situations as Almieda’s submission skills are quite advanced.

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