Lesnar vs Mir, Who Will Win? Who Cares?

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Lesnar vs Mir, Who Will Win? Who Cares?

Everybody wants to know who’s going to win the match between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. There’s a lot of speculation on this one because Mir has a great track record and for good reason, but let me tell you something, Brock Lesnar is a walking Sherman tank. You have to give major credit to anyone with the stones to sign the contract to fight this guy.

Now, Brock is huge. So huge, in fact, that I don’t know how he stays in his weight class without any problems. He… is….HUGE! Let’s not forget that his record isn’t so bad for his few fights either. I want to hate Brock for being a former pro wrestler on the WWE, but I’ve seen him train and anyone can tell that he is, without a doubt, very serious about MMA. His skills really are improving and he’s gaining competence every day.

Frank Mir has put in the time. He has much more experience and technical knowledge. Now, I ask you, Humvees have been around forever and they are dependable, but would you take one up against an armored personnel carrier? (Hint, Hint….don’t do that) I should also mention how hard Frank is training for this, and how angry he is to be holding some worthless “interim” title. So the question is, “Who do I think will win?” Now before you start to thinking I’m getting serious, I pop one of these on you. I think Frank Mir is already winning…

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