Keep Your Body Guessing With The Trx And Kettlebells

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Keep Your Body Guessing With The Trx And Kettlebells

For many people the gym is a place for routine. Mondays are shoulders and biceps; Tuesdays are back and quads, etc.  I think you get my drift.  I bet some of you are even nodding asking how I knew your workout routine.

My question to you is, “are you seeing the results you want?”  Most often people answer, “no.” The reason is that your body is prepared before you even work out for what you are going to do.  That means your metabolism is not fired up and your body is very unenthusiastic.

You need to shake things up and re-ignite that metabolism. Doing this will increase muscle definition, increase strength and power, and best of all, slim down that waistline!  So how does one do all that?  Let me explain this simple secret.

Keep Your Body Guessing


The secret to keeping your body guessing is to find a routine that uses your whole body in different ways and is constantly making different muscles work. You want to challenge your body’s cardiovascular system, strength, and power.

Now this might seem overwhelming or like too much work, but I assure you that it is not. I have experimented with lots of different equipment and found the combination that works best for my clients as well as myself.

This routine also keeps you motivated and coming back for more. The two pieces of equipment I turn to are the TRX Suspension Trainer and kettlebells. These two pieces of equipment by themselves are powerful, but when you put them together the results are amazing.

Add in some cardio for the final piece and you will see results you won’t believe!

How to Rev It Up

What makes this combination so great is that each drill uses your whole body in different ways so that your muscles have to keep firing.  This means your metabolism is challenged as well.  The kettlebell alone burns more calories per minute than spinning (14.1 cal/min to 11.2 cal/min to be exact.)

What does this mean to you? This means you will get more out of your workouts. The reason I mix the kettlebell with the TRX is because the TRX has the ability to challenge your whole body while focusing on one muscle.

One simple example is the bicep curl. Not only are you working the bicep, but your abdominals and other stabilizers are working as well.  Again, you will get more out of your training sessions. This workout routine will keep you from hitting a plateau and will keep your metabolism high.

Since I have started this method, my BMI is lower than my pre-pregnancy weight and I have more flex room with my diet.  Now, that does not mean I eat junk, but I can eat more calories per day and stay at a lower BMI.

Before I forget, the last piece to this puzzle is cardio. Here is an example of one of my routines.

Your New Routine

To start, warm up with a 15 to 20 minute jog on the treadmill. Maintain a low to moderate speed for three to five minutes. Then increase the speed every three to four minutes until you are at about an 8-minute mile. After the warm up do a slight stretch and get some water.

Now starts the fun!  Start with 25 kettlebell swings.  Form is very important with the kettlebell.  Make sure you are using your legs and have a nice flat back.  Squeeze with your glutes and power up the kettlebell.

After the kettlebell swings go to the TRX and do 20 jump squats.  When finished, turn around in the TRX and complete 20 push-ups. Repeat this circuit three times continuously. Then take a short rest.

On the second set we add in a mix of cardio. I like to challenge clients and myself on the rower.  Start this set with a 400-meter sprint at level 5.  Next do 25-two handed pulls. Make sure you finish with elbows up and on your toes.

Keep your abdominals tight to protect your lower back. And use those legs and glutes to lift the kettlebell up. The last thing in this set is with the TRX, do 20 ice skater jumps.

The important thing here is to really focus on keeping tension on the TRX and to get height with the jumps. When you land the jump, really get down into a deep single leg squat and then power up right away and jump to the other side.

This move mixes power and strength.  When you finish 20 jumps move your feet forward and do 20 rows. Repeat this circuit three times and then take another short rest.

The Final Set

The last set is always the most fun. Start with 30 alternating one-arm swings with the kettlebell. Switch hands when your arms are out in front of you. This move is great for the whole body and you will feel it from your calves to your shoulders.

Make sure you keep the pace up and do not slow down.  Again, drive with those legs.  As soon as you are done with the swings, put down the kettlebell and sprint two laps on the track or two minutes on the treadmill.

Go right to the TRX and do 20 bicep curls and turn around and complete 20 triceps extensions.  Repeat this set three times.

Finish this workout with 15 to 20 minutes on your favorite cardio machine. This helps the legs loosen up and you actually will be less sore the next day.  That means you’ll be ready for more!

Expect a Leaner, More Defined You

The way to make your body keep guessing is to stick with this layout but substitute different exercises with the TRX or kettlebell. Do not be afraid to try new things.  For example, instead of doing high pulls, perform one arm push press. Do the same with the TRX.

The cardio portions need to be high intensity for a short period of time. You can jump rope or use a high level on the eliptical or treadmill.

The idea behind this is to constantly switch it up but keep the basic layout.  At the end of this workout you will feel exhausted but great. Your muscles will be more defined and your waistline will become leaner.  What’s not to love?

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