Kalpa Pharmaceuticals – My First Impressions

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals – My First Impressions

I was contacted recently in regards to my board GrowXXL by an online pharmacy wanted to have me review their products. Typically I am a bit hesitant to deal with sites such as these especially with all the issues that have arose as of late, but the guys over at KalpaPharm.com offered me some of their products to try, and to be frank – How could I say no!?

I checked over their site, which was nicely done – and they seem to carry a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, and almost all of their Anabolics were from a company called Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. I had heard a little about this brand in the past, but wasn’t too knowledgeable in the quality of their gear and such. The variety was great, they had everything from Trenboxyl Enanthate, to Boldaxyl 300, Nandroxyl 250, Testoxyl Enanthate, Haloxyl, Masteroxyl 200, you name it. However, I looked at the prices and nearly shit myself. Granted they aren’t THAT high in comparison to hand to hand transactions locally, for anyone with experience in gear…these prices were high..especially in the competitive online market-place. Soon after they made a special offer to the members of GrowXXL I started fielding a lot of argument regarding the price, which I couldn’t even contest because they really were high in my opinion so I decided to do some research to see if I could at least establish some value or justification to the costs. I had yet to receive my gear, so I couldn’t use personal reference to my advantage. Basically, all I knew was that Kalpa Pharmaceuticals was supposedly a UGL (Under Ground Lab) which for those of you who don’t know, are independent labs based out of people’s home’s, garages, bathrooms, etc. The gear can be good, but isn’t produced under any type of Guidelines, so you run the risk of under/over dosed products, unsterilized gear which leads to infection and so forth. Granted, when you buy UGL you should expect to pay less then Veterinary Grade (for animals) and Human Grade, which is used for prescriptions and within hospitals. It is manufactured under strict protocols and such, and is top quality. On the other end of the spectrum, you can expect to pay much for Human Grade Gear, then you would UGL.

The question now was, what was Kalpa Pharmaceuticals? Most posts on Boards refer to it as UGL, and since I had never heard of it classified with Upjohn, or Organon and the other top Pharmaceutical brands available I assumed the same. They have a great production video, showing sterile procedures and such, but those are just Videos…what is the TRUTH…?

The TRUTH is… Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD International (Kalpa Pharma) is a HUMAN GRADE pharmaceutical company based out of, well.. ASIA. Their products are registered and approved by the FDA of Thailand, and many of their products are used within local Hospitals/Clinics/Etc. Here is a quote taken from their site (which is also confirmed by record numbers/etc.)

“Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is a WHO certified pharmaceutical company established in 1994.

The company manufactures and sells generic pharmaceutical products. Asia Pharma has most of its manufacturing facilities located in two Asian countries. The company produces a wide range of Human Grade Pharmaceuticals in dosage forms including Capsules, Tablets, Ointments, and Liquid Orals.

The manufacturing is done under strict WHO cGMP guidelines to ensure high manufacturing standards in producing high quality products.”

The WHO (World Health Organization) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) ensure that all their products are manufactured under strict guidelines. For those of you who are unaware, check the WIKI.

So with this in mind, at least now if I can justify paying the jump in price, I can feel confident that the gear I receive will be top quality and isn’t made in a bucket and being mixed with someone’s feet. Granted there are other labs considered human grade, however, there are a few of those that are heavily counterfeited, so just so you THINK you bought some Organon Sustanon, doesn’t mean you actually did!

A lot of people think, Juice is Juice, like…Coke is Coke, and if you pay more then X amount for something, you got ripped… but in reality, lets look a little beyond this simple thinking:

Pharmaceutical companies put a lot of money into research for their products, employing professionals to handle the manufacturing, using top quality products, marketing, etc. Naturally, these costs need to be compensated for, and the big guys behind it all have to finance their exuberant lifestyles. Have you ever gone to a pharmacy for a script you didn’t have insurance for? Say, an anti-biotic?? Yeah, well, those will run you several hundred dollars – beyond the fact a lot of money goes into the manufacturing, the companies also know that if you are a cancer patient who is dying, your insurance company has to shell the $$$ out for the over-priced pills…however, it truthfully is in the quality/research costs.

Long story short: you get what you pay for, and in my opinion, yeah these prices are a little high, but if you purchase the multiple packs, like 3 bottles of test for $390 – it breaks down to $130 a bottle, and frankly, the average juice user isn’t buying Human Grade better then $90 a bottle anyways…toss in the free gift, ease of purchase, and BAM… you are at about the same value – so quit whining!!

Anyways, off the price…and onto shipping.

So the guys charge $30 dollars for international shipping, which I must admit, isn’t bad at all…and not only can you add free samples of their other products but they also claim that you will receive your packs within 5-7 (sometimes a few more) days. I have enough trouble receiving mail from the next state within that time, let alone from across the world, but what did I have to lose right? So I picked my order and waited. Not even 1 week later I received my first 2 packs, both in my mailbox, no problem! No Customs Seizure letter, and no Crown Vic or Chevy Impala waiting at the end of my driveway. I opened them up, checked everything out.

trenboxyl a

I received some Testoxyl Enanthate, Some Boldaxyl, a bottle of Trenboxyl Acetate that I didn’t even order, and some HCG All arrived in fresh packaging, well before the listed expiration date. Everything on the packaging was what I would expect from Human Grade Gear, so I was happy! It has been 2 days, and I am still waiting on some Anadroxyl and other things, but hopefully they will be waiting for me when I get home. Still, I have to re-state my warning that you shouldn’t even be THINKING ABOUT breaking any laws by ordering from this company if you reside where anabolic steroids are illegal to import or possess.

I cant say anything as of yet regarding my personal experience with the products, but I will soon once everything arrives and I have a minor injury heal up, but I can say that BuySteroids.ws provided me with the super fast shipping in about 5 Business days to the states, and great customer service (they sent me a packing list for each of my packages, so I knew what was in each).

This is by no means an attempt to advertise for some guys who were nice enough to offer me some gear, but in reality just me clarifying a misconception when it comes to Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products. My opinion cannot be bought, and there are many angry labs out there that know this. If they provide me with quality products and service, then I make it known so that others then have a trusted opinion to rely on. If they don’t however, then I will also not hesitate to share!

Please Note: If you reside in a country where Anabolics are not allowed, or there are any local laws/ordinances in effect that prohibit the sale/purchase of the products then I suggest you refer to this site for REFERENCE ONLY!