Kalpa Pharmaceuticals A Year Or So Later

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals A Year Or So Later

I still remember , it was just over a year ago that I was told about a new company, with an owner that had owned a certain company previously and worked for Dragon Pharma at some point ( during their good years ) . My source told me he was a good guy, but after hearing he had worked for Dragon Pharma steroids , I was skeptical.

So I decided to contact the new company, found their website , and shot them an e-mail.

With new companies it is a crap shoot on whether they respond and sometimes they respond like they are trying to sell you something.

I heard back from him after he had checked out my credentials , and was very friendly.

I have to admit it was a friendship from the start, we spent very little time discussing his product , more about theories, different production, structural integrity of Test Suspension, and many other compounds like TPP, which is similar to prop but needs to be injected every third day, which gives it a leg up for people who hate every other day injections.

I have to say those were some of the best conversations I had last year.

This made me understand this man’s character, and he respected my mission statement , to try and help clean up the steroid community, and educate the rest of the world.

This man was also interested in helping me with this.

So to the point of this was to take a look at Kalpa Pharmaceuticals steroids a year ago, and where they are now. I remember a year ago the idea was they were trying to produce a good product , and build a good reputation.

He was waiting for business to pick up, because in the beginning not much money was being made, like all new businesses.

So a year ago he had a good amount of time to chat, and discuss different anabolic topics.

Fast forward to today, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals has become one of the top selling UG Labs . Now what makes them different from most of the other Labs atop the leader board, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals doesn’t pay off MOD’s and Admins to push his brand, or to erase bad reviews.

That is what makes this  rise to the top so spectacular , he has done it the hard way, through a quality product, and being an honest guy. Not only is this commendable , but it should become a blueprint for all others, only shitty products and shitty Labs need manipulation of reviews.

So I thank my friend for what he has done for us , and look forward to even more success.

and maybe sometime to chat with me , because I haven’t got more than a couple of sentences from him in months because he is so busy.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected]

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