Japanese Food is Healthy

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Japanese Food is Healthy

Discovering new ways to boost my health is sometimes an adventure, especially when I try new foods. Recently, I took a look at adding Japanese staples to my diet. I found that Asian food is tasty, unique, healthy and kind of fun to eat. 


Nori is traditionally dark green sheets. But can be found brown or red. It is also referred to as seaweed.

Nori has been a common food in Japan and China for centuries. It used to be called norinorinori. 

A friend of my daughter’s loves to eat nori plain. She considers it a great snack and munchies on the sheets throughout the day.

People in the west are familiar with the edible seaweed as a wrap for sushi or added to soups. 

The sheets have a distinct salty and grassy taste. You can eat it dried or toasted. It is an excellent source of calcium, zinc and iodine. 

Nori can also be shredded and scattered on rice and stir fried dishes.  Some people simply enjoy eating nori by dipping it in soy sauce. 

Soba Noodles 

Soba noodles are traditional Japanese noodles. They are thin noodles made of 30% buckwheat and regular wheat flour.  

They kind of look like spaghetti noodles but have a distinct light brown color. Most Japanese dishes use soba noodles.  The buckwheat makes them a very healthy food.

Buckwheat helps the body by decreasing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reducing fat accumulation and promoting healthy bowel movements.

The best way to eat soba is as a stir-fry with vegetables or served plain with soy, shallot or horseradish sauce. 

Pickled Ginger

I love the sweet taste of pickled ginger. Ginger is wonderful on the digestive system and has long been favored for its anti-nausea effects. 

Studies also show that ginger helps boost circulation and reduce blood pressure.  Pickled ginger is served with sushi, added to salads and placed in sandwiches.

Teriyaki Sauce 

Teriyaki sauce is one of my favorite barbeque sauces. The flavorful mixture is low in fat.  I marinade salmon, chicken with the sweet dressing.  Beef lovers use teriyaki sauce as well. 

My daughter loves adding teriyaki sauce to her steamed brown rice as a side dish. She dips the fork of rice into the dressing and slurps it into her mouth.  

I’ll even see her dunking her vegetables from her salad and eating them that way. 


As a traditional food of Asia for 2,000 years, tofu is popular for its exceptional nutritional benefits. Known as a soya curd, the cheese-like food is versatile. 

Tofu is bland but can easily absorb flavors from sauces and herbs. I like tofu by itself with a dab of soy or tamari sauce. It does wonders to my brown rice and stir-fries or even salads. 

Tofu is a vegetable protein that is easily digested. It is low in fat and reduces cholesterol. Some women report that it relieves symptoms of menopause.

Like any grain product, make sure you purchase tofu that has not been genetically modified. 

Enjoying new foods that are tasty and healthy can make cooking and eating a pleasurable experience.  I recommend giving these foods a try.

You can start gradual, take it from there and get really creative.  


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