Injection Safety with Tim Greenly

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Injection Safety with Tim Greenly

With so many athletes and young people stepping into the world of anabolic steroids, the biggest thing that worries people like myself is wondering if they are taking the necessary precautions and steps to make sure their injections are sterile, safe, and are being administered correctly. I want to take the time to go over the proper way to inject, cover the sites I chose to use, and the reasons why.

Selecting the Correct Syringe

The syringe your choose to inject yourself with should be very simple. It is best to use a syringe no larger then 5cc (5ml). This way you can be sure your liquid readings will be accurate when you need to draw 1/4 ml and such.

I choose to use a 3ml syringe, because it’s the perfect size for me and I never have to inject more than 3ml of oil at one time. I get mine from, and each sterile syringe comes individually wrapped.

Preventing Infections with Needles

Don’t be fooled by the people who say they inject and draw from the vial, using the same needle. Sure, it can be done, but it is just adding extra pain to your injections, as well as greatly increasing your risk for infection. When you use a needle to draw out your fluid, the entire pin touches the rubber stopper that is on the external part of your vial.

This stopper has been sitting out and anything could have come in contact with it — including the probable chance of bacteria. You don’t want to be injecting a needle with any chance of having bacteria directly into your muscle. This is why you need two needles per injection, a larger gauge to draw and measure the oil into the syringe, and a smaller and new sterile needle to inject. I use a 20 gauge to draw, and 25 gauge to inject.

Another way to prevent infection is to always use an alcohol prep pad prior to an injection. They are incredibly cheap, about $5 for a box of 200, and help prevent bacteria from entering the injection site.

Swab the area you are going to inject, as well as the top of the vial before you draw the fluid.Allow the alcohol to dry before injecting the needle into the area. Trust me on this, not giving it the time to dry results in a horrible sting.

Where to Inject and How Often

When considering injection sites, a general rule of thumb is one injection site per week. For specific intramuscular injections (IM) sites, Google is your new best friend. If you inject a site more than once a week, you could be in for some serious pain.

I inject twice each week, and I am comfortable with four spots: my quads and glutes. This enables me to give each a week off. I do right glute, left quad, left glute, right quad. It gives each muscle plenty of rest time between injections.

Air, Aspiration, and Safety

It is extremely important to make sure there is no air in the syringe before you inject, even if that means lightly pushing the plunger until a very tiny amount of oil comes out of the tip. Along with this, you can’t go injecting into your body blindly. Aspirate every time you inject. Aspiration is when you pull up on the plunger once the needle is in and make sure no blood is drawn into the syringe.

You should see what looks like a bubble, or many bubbles. If you see blood, you have hit a vein and you need to pull the needle out immediately. If you inject oil directly into your vein, you could cause serious damage. I know this because I accidentally hit a vein with trenbolone enanthate, and my throat swelled up. I ended up coughing for an hour.

Now, if you accidentally have air in your syringe AND you inject into a vein, you can die. Air bubbles in the veins will go to the heart, causing it to arrest. That is why both aspiration and making sure there is no air in your syringe are vitally important to the safety of the process.

All in all, alcohol pads, extra injection needles, and common sense should cost under $25. This is a relatively small amount of money in comparison to the $200-600 that people can spend on cycles.

What doesn’t make sense to me is why you wouldn’t spend the extra $25 to make sure your injections are safe. I mean, if you get an infection, you have wasted all the gear you have used up to that point, and that is not going to be a cheap loss. Spend the extra $25, and be safe.

If you choose your gear and syringes carefully, pin on a rotation, and are generally sensible, you can be sure that you’re doing everything possible to get big and stay safe.