Indiana Begins Regulating MMA

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Indiana Begins Regulating MMA


MMA is becoming a bigger and bigger sport every day and it’s becoming more and more necessary for States to provide proper MMA regulation.  Indiana has joined the list of many other states to sanction MMA and begin regulating the sport.  Hawaii was the most recent state to sanction MMA, now Indiana is on board. Because of the rising popularity of the sport, it is likely that every state will eventually jump on this bandwagon.  Here is the full story of what’s going on in Indiana by MMA Junkie:

“A bill that calls for the Indiana Athletic Commission (formerly the Indiana State Boxing Commission) to regulate mixed martial arts went into effect today.

The state is one of 39 in the U.S. that either regulates MMA or has passed legislation that will require regulation in the coming months.

Although Indiana has hosted numerous un-sanctioned MMA shows in recent years, official regulation opens the doors for organizations such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship to hit the potentially lucrative market of Indianapolis.”

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