Importance of Protein After a Workout

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Importance of Protein After a Workout

1rH2bfThe meal that is eaten before and after a workout is very important. A protein shake or bar is ideal as it is easily digested. This provides the body with extra energy before a workout. Do not eat anything too heavy. Shakes are useful as are a handful of nuts eaten around thirty minutes before a workout. Bananas are also a useful energy foods as they contain carbohydrate and help to release energy slowly due to their natural sugars.

Many fitness drinks contain carbohydrates and caffeine to boost performance, but the same can be achieved by drinking half a cup of black coffee before a workout. This will help to boost performance, not just in the body but alerts the mind and sets it to focus on mental strength. When the body starts to ache and the body lets you know it is under stress, a mantra can help to boost performance. Mantras are positive words spoken that push your body past that painful barrier. Many athletes and boxers use these during their training regimes so they can push past those pain barriers. Caffeine boosts the brain, gives an increased energy output, and boosts the metabolism slightly.

Why is protein required after a workout?

Muscles are made up of protein, and therefore require protein from food or shakes to refuel and grow back stronger. Proteins break down into amino acids, which work together to build more proteins in the body to repair the muscles and help them grow back stronger. Protein is stored in muscles but not in the body and why it is required through food. The liver breaks down any excess amino acids in a process called deanimation. Ammonia forms from the removal of the NH2 amino acid group, and then transamination takes place from the conversion of other amino acids. This is how non-essential amino acids are produced in the body if there is a dietary deficiency. When amino acids break down, they are excreted through urine, which is often why there is a strong scent of ammonia.

After any muscular workout, it is important to consume protein around 1-2 hours afterward. Protein shakes and bars can work out expensive when food can offer the same effects. Supplements contain a balanced amount of protein, and therefore an easy way to fuel the muscles. Other great foods to consume afterward are chicken drumsticks, nuts, and peanut butter. These contain protein, which fuels the muscles. It is important to eat as soon as possible after a workout. This is when the muscle tissue starts to break down. By consuming protein, this helps the muscle to grow back stronger. Just a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter are enough to satisfy a food craving. Peanuts in particular also contain monosaturated fat, a healthy fat that keeps the body in optimum health. When the body takes in healthy, monosaturated fats, it actually helps to burn off the bad fats in the body. Chicken drumsticks are often sold in packs and can be carried round easily to snack on. Nuts are also convenient and healthy snacks. There are many varieties. A handful is usually enough to satisfy a food craving.

Chicken is tasty and can be used in many recipes. Sliced up and cut into smaller pieces, chicken can be made into a risotto with mushrooms, peppers, an onion, and basmati rice. This is a healthy dish to eat after any workout programme. Peanut butter can be added to a milkshake, and gives the body a good protein kick.

Other useful foods to eat after a workout are fish, steak, eggs, turkey, beans, and yoghurt.

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