How To Get Muscle Without The Bulk

Not everyone wants to be huge and muscular, and look like ‘beefcakes’. Here’s some reasons as to why:

The Ladies. According to a variety of surveys, the majority of women do not find huge, bulky guys attractive. And, I know for a lot of you, they’re the reason why you even bother to work out.
Finding clothes that fit. As a short-but-muscular guy myself, I find it hard to get clothes that actually fit. And clothes cost money. It’s not so good for your wallet.
Sports. A lot of sports have weight boundaries, such as boxing. And others would just be harder if you were extremely large, such as dance.
It doesn’t appeal to you. Some guys just don’t want to be big. Fair play.
Budget. The human body needs more food, as the bigger it gets. Food also costs money.

Before I get onto explaining exactly how to get muscular without getting bulky, I’m gonna just remind you of a few things.

  • You will gain muscle. You might not be as big as say, Arnold, but you’re going to get bigger. Even small guys get big.
  • However, you will not look fat. We will be minimizing fat gains, and maximising muscle gains. This will give you a lean, healthy look.

2. Eat Low Calorie Foods. You’re still eating, so you’re not hungry, and also, if you eat the right foods, you can get away with eating a lot of it, and still being under your daily target/ Also, you some foods actually burn calories when you consume them. It’s a win-win situation.

Make sure that you get 1g of protein for every lb of bodyweight you do. And also, importantly, make sure you plan out your meals everyday, so you don’t fall victim to the evil snack eating temptations.

3. Cardio. Any form of cardiovascular exercise is good. Although it is time-consuming, if you really are determined to gain results, them add it.

It burns the fat away that you gain from eating so much (the 1g protein/lb rule will be the culprit here), and also, it allows you to eat more.

4. Do More Reps, Less Weight.

Don’t push as much weight. I know you’ve probably read about the 6 rep maximum rule somewhere, but ignore it. That’s for bodybuilders. Drop all the weights you lift by a bit, and just do more reps. You’ll still gain muscle, but in a less bulky sense.

This basically sums up the hows of muscle building with a lean look.

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