How Healthy Can You Get? Part I

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How Healthy Can You Get? Part I

If helping your body run as efficiently as possible is a priority to you, then read on. If not, go out, get yourself a cheeseburger and some fries and sit in front of the TV.

In 1988, the Surgeon General determined that “eight of the top ten causes of disease are directly related to our diet.”  Among the top ten diseases are heart disease, coronary heart disease, cancer, strokes, chronic lung disease, diabetes, liver disease and atherosclerosis.

Webster’s dictionary defines health as a “condition of wholeness in which all of the organs of the body are working at perfect efficiency 100% of the time.”

Over the generations, our body has been guided by our nervous sensory system.  With our sense of taste and smell we determined what to feed ourselves.  With our sense of intelligence we have been able to create items of better taste and smell thus fooling our own bodies into desiring things that are not of optimum benefit to our own healthy living. And to what end?  We have tricked ourselves into consuming the very items that are now poisoning our systems.

Oftentimes it is difficult to accept responsibility for our own health.  If we become ill, we blame luck, fate, genetics, germs or viruses, though our intelligence may hint to us that it could be our own actions that violate natural health laws.

We have the power to increase our health and energy level thus reducing stress, fatigue, headaches and heart disease among common ailments.  Nutrient deficiency and autointoxication are the two conditions from which all other symptoms and maladies stem.

Numerous sources today agree that the foods we eat do not supply the adequate nutrition needed for optimum health. History shows us that people in biblical times lived to be almost twice our average life span.  The Guinness Book of World Records indicate there have been a few people in America that have lived to be 113 and one man all the way to 137.

Sir Robert McCarrison, (1878 – 1960) a British surgeon, brought to the world’s attention the health of people in India in the 1920’s. He studied their foods and dietary habits.  They appeared to be disease free. In 1928 he became Director of Nutritional Research in India.  He demonstrated how many common diseases were caused simply by diets made defective by extensive processing, often with the use of chemical additives.

In McCarrison’s years of studying these people he had never seen a single case of indigestion, ulcer, appendicitis, colitis or cancer.  Most lived to be well over 100 years old, had sound minds and every tooth still in their heads.  He examined their diet.  It consisted of whole wheat bread, barley, millet, sprouted beans and peas, fresh vegetables and fruit, raw milk and buttermilk and raw cheese.  Apricots and other fruit, both fresh and dried, constituted a greater portion of their diet than usual. There was little meat.

McCarrison conducted a valuable experiment.  He tested the same diet along with great amounts of water on experimental animals.  It produced the same excellent health in animals as he had seen with human beings.

V.E. Irons, founding father of the National Health Federation and Yale graduate, contracted a condition of arthritis at the age of 40.  He became a student of natural health out of sheer desperation.  What Irons found was that in order to regain vital, youthful health, detoxification of his body was the first step.  Irons dedicated his life to teaching people to take charge and change their approach to health.  He was convinced that the colon of the average American had gotten so distorted through all the years of poor eating habits and improper elimination.  He believed that unless all fecal matter is removed from the colon, no amount of drugs, surgeries, vitamins or food supplements would rid the body of all chronic ailments.

“The aspect of health in our lives is one of the things we understand the least,” Dr. Becky F. Meshbesher states. “The modern human being has a shorter life expectancy than all other mammals and greater than 65% of our entire population suffer from chronic disease.”

Dr. Betsy F. Meshbesher, chiropractor and nutritional consultant, researched extensively for twenty years in the areas of nutrition and the subject of whole food vitamins. This included extensive study of the work of the above health initiators. As a result she became thoroughly aware of the correlation of proper diet and being healthy. Dr. Meshbesher was able to explain a solution to the dilemma of chronic disease, which is delineated by using a triangle to describe three areas of one’s life.  Each corner of the triangle represents one of those areas contributing to health, energy and a general sense of well being: the spiritual and mental area, the biochemical nutritional area and the structural physical area.  A disturbance in one or more of these areas can cause disease or illness thus breaking the triangle.  The same rule applies when a positive change takes place. When positive action happens affecting one area, the other two will automatically benefit thus building a stronger triangle.

Through this research Meshbesher’s The Bodymaker Cleanse was born. The Bodymaker Cleanse is a thorough 30-day program that cleanses and rehabilitates the entire digestive system.  This includes rehabilitating the body’s ability to create its own natural digestive enzymes, a thorough cleansing of the colon, a total cleaning of the bloodstream and a complete liver/gallbladder cleansing, allowing the organs to regain their optimum functioning ability.

Next article (Part II) goes into the details of The Bodymaker Cleanse.

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