How Effective Are Peptides?

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How Effective Are Peptides?

I have been in conversation after conversation about the popular peptides, such as HGH, IGF, MGF, GHRP, and several others that linger the steroid world.

But I have to say I can never get a definite answer on the quality of gains, and if they are maintainable.

Some have the opinion that all forms are useless, while others believe that HGH has its place, and maybe IGF tags along.

Then there is the ones who believe good gains can be attained with these assistants as is. The final school of thought is that the main peptides (HGH, IGF, MGF) have not met there full potential just yet but they will soon.

From the different schools of thought have emerged a few studies that show a decent amount of muscle gain from IGF alone with site injection enhancement apparent.

Now there still was a small percentage that gain very little, and to be honest without details of workouts the truth won’t appear.  The down side showed a low percentage of gains retained.  Now not one study had any info on the training regimen , or if they even continued to lift so accuracy was not prevalent in these studies (just for the record these were studies that were passed on to me by co-workers and none were published and that is why I did not release the sources).

This leads me to want to know more, and so I will have to do a self participating study, on the various peptides and how my body responds, I have never had extensive use of any, so I start on a level playing field. Only then will I be able to really have an opinion on the possibilities of each item.

Thank you for reading, remember I have a few new companies I am reviewing and will let you know how it goes.

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