How Does Garrett Gilbert Effect The NFL Playoffs?

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How Does Garrett Gilbert Effect The NFL Playoffs?

Well, well, I had a wonderful time live-blogging the BCS National Championship Game on Twitter (yes, I have a Twitter account) and I just had some major revelations during the game that not only have implications in college football but I think these revelations have MAJOR implications for the NFL Wildcard round this weekend.  There’s a lot that we can say about the teams playing this weekend, but what happened in between Texas and Alabama speaks volumes about what CAN happen between the Eagles & Cowboys, Cardinals & Packers, Bengals & Jets, and the Patriots & Ravens.  Let’s talk first about the National Title Game (because it was really good.)

Not the Fairy Tale Matchup We Were Looking For:

The BCS National Title Game was not the fairy tale matchup we were looking for between Colt McCoy and the dude who snuck up and took the Heisman from him, Mark Ingram.  Colt McCoy played a nice game and inched the Horns to a 6-0 lead.  (To be fair, it should have been 14-0, but the Bama defense was just too much and [as I suspected] Texas couldn’t run the ball to save their lives.)

Well, in the middle of Texas not really being able to punch it in Nick Saban made an idiotic call to fake a punt on 4th Down deep in their own end which solicited this Twitter update:

Yep, I was pretty hard on Texas and not because I picked them to lose, but because they were playing so badly.  They looked just awful.  My favorite is my Dad’s saying “You gotta get rid of the ball, son.”  That’s something I’ve been hearing since I was 5 (since I can remember really) and it rings true today just like it did in 1983.  Gilbert was completely shocked to be in the game and he just couldn’t pull himself together.  (I did get tired of hearing Kirk Herbstreit talk about how the game was going too fast for Gilbert, but he was right.)  All of that “patheticness” culminated in the idiotic shovel-pass that resulted in a Bama TD right at the end of the first half.

The Second Half Changed Everything:

At halftime my wife started talking about Garrett Gilbert because she felt so bad for him after that disgusting shovel-pass at the end of the first half.  He looked so dejected and depressed after that play that my wife became his biggest fan.  She didn’t care who won the game but she just wanted him to do something right (which I can understand.)  Then, because she was VERY tired, she started talking about football like she knew what she was talking about and she said the following (once again, from my Twitter feed):

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