Holiday Challenge of Staying in Shape

Daily WorkoutThe holidays are on the horizon and as an athlete or bodybuilder you must determine how you will keep your body healthy and in shape even though there are incredible eats and drinks available during the holidays. The key is to stay in shape but have fun, too. The following tips will help you find a happy medium, so you can enjoy festivities of the holidays while staying in shape.

You need to schedule your workout days on a calendar. Admit it with shopping and getting together with family and friends, gym hours shortened or completely closed, you’ll need to decide the best time to work out through the holidays. You need to grab your calendar and start marking the dates between all the holiday festivities. Another sure fire way to make sure you get your workouts done over the holidays is to work out as early as possible each day. Try to make your workout the first thing you do every day before all hell breaks loose and gets crazy – this will keep you saner, too. Workouts become your time – for you to do something for yourself, relax and workout.

If you can’t do it first thing in the morning, no worries just fit your workout in as soon as you can like at lunch or right after work. You need to make sure you set the time in and do the workouts then, keep your personal workout agreements with yourself, no one else will but you.

I am sure if you talk to other athletes or bodybuilders they will tell you getting their workout done the first thing in the morning and out of the way is the most successful way to keep the workout in over the holidays.

Any athlete or bodybuilder knows they need to plan days where they can cheat on their diet, particularly, during the holidays. If you are going to cheat then cheat wisely. That’s right. At best cheat once a week, this is a little hard to do for the holiday season. However, cheating two days is not bad either. Look at it this way: Most holiday parties happen on weekends like Fridays and Saturdays – sometimes Sundays. Plan the day you can cheat. You have a right to enjoy yourself. After all if the deserts look good…well…it is the holidays. The other days, if you have a party to attend, be a designated driver or just hold off and eat wisely. Plan a cut off time to stop eating, and then just drink bubbly water or bottled water. You will feel better on Monday and your workout routine will stay fresh and fun for the holidays.

So remember the holidays are coming up and you need to keep your body in top shape. You can’t always stir clear of the incredible eats and drinks, so make some agreements with yourself and have a fun holiday season.

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