Hip Adductor Machine

Hip Adductor Machine


Preperation/body position

  1. Set correct resistance on weight stack. Alter settings on machine if needed.
  2. Sit on seat, placing feet on bar (or foot holders).
  3. If necessary, pull on docking lever, then position thighs apart so that they are pressed against the inside of the pads. Release lever, if required.
  4. Hold onto handles for more stability.
  5. *Please read specific instructions on the machine being used.*


  1. Adduct thighs by moving them together.
  2. Once peak contraction is reached, slowly control pads back to starting position.
  3. Repeat for desired number of repetitions.
  4. *Please read specific instructions on the machine being used.*


The muscles of the groin that are responsible for the adduction of the hip are recruited strongly during this exercise.

The hip adduction exercise seems a popular choice for female trainers in the gym, usually performed in the hope that it will ‘tone’ their thighs and hips. This belief holds no substance at all. We can use the hip adduction machine to provide stimulus to the hip adduction muscles so that hypertrophy and adaptation can take place, but spot reducing fat is not at all possible from performing resistance training to that particular area. ‘Toning’ , or ‘firming’ an area is mostly achieved by overall body fat reduction. Diet and cardiovascular activities should be more of a focus for this goal.

The hip adduction is also beneficial for bodybuilders who stride for maximum overall development of the legs, as it will provide great stimulus to the inner thigh muscles.
Performing the exercise will also strength the hip joint, thus making it less susceptible to injury.


Stablisers and secondary targets

Similiar Exercises

  • Side Lunge
  • Standing Cable Hip Adduction (N.B not shown)

Home Training Alternative/Limited Equipment

  • Side Lunge (for barbell only set-ups)

Sport Uses

Strong hip adductors are also important for a strong hip joint, which should be less susceptible to injury.

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