Healthy Snacks For The Oscars

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Healthy Snacks For The Oscars

Oscar parties can be a time to indulge, but that doesn’t mean your slim figure should suffer. Formulating a fitness program to eat right and watch your food consumption is great.

Sugar, carbohydrates and calorie intake shouldn’t increase just because you are at a social event. You can still eat the right foods and celebrate with party foods that are good for your body.

Even if you are going to watch the Oscars with just your family or a few friends, you can plan for healthy party snacks.


Every party comes with drinks. Sparkling mineral water is a great drink with a slice of lemon. The bubbles make the water special. It even comes in different natural flavors like lime, orange, cherry and lemon.

Lemon and water make a great Oscar party drink. It replenishes water lost from drinking alcohol and caffeine.  The drink contains absolutely no calories or fat.

Sipping Wine

An Oscar party does mean to let loose and drink up. So if alcohol is a must and you want to be healthy, you can serve red wine.

Just skip the hard stuff and drink a glass of red wine.  Red wine is rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants protect your heart and help the body maintain healthy cells.

Go Nuts

When you hear who wins best supporting actress, the party might go nuts. But don’t shy away from nuts as a party snack because they are an excellent source of good fat.

Hazelnuts and almonds contain good fat and they are tasty. The food fat from nuts promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

Veggie Food

The Oscars runs over three hours. That is a long time to be drinking and snacking. Setting out a creative, lush vegetable tray is always a blockbuster at long party.

You can’t go wrong with a vegetable tray.  If you desire something unusual or creative, include green beans, blanched asparagus along with the usual carrots, celery and broccoli.

Vegetables are low in calories, full of nutrients and 100% fat-free.  Not to mention they are filled with enzymes and fiber.

Healthy Dips

Make sure you dip the veggies in anything besides mayonnaise, cream cheese and sour cream base dips.

Hummus, avocado or fresh salsa make tasty dips.  Hummus and salsa are low in fat and calories but loaded with nutrients. Avocado contains good fat and is a great dip for vegetables.


When the best song or best costume awards are handed out, it’s desert time. You have two choices.

Prepare a colorful and delicious fruit bowl of apples, pears, oranges, strawberries and bananas.

Fresh fruit is nutritious and a wonderful way to end a party. For those who love cakes, place slices of chiffon cake out for the guests with the fresh fruit.

Offer a simple low or fat-free whipping cream, which you can find in any grocery store.

Watching the Oscars with friends or family makes a great party. It doesn’t mean you have to eat bad food. You can eat good food and still have a great time. So, celebrate the winners and party in a healthy way.

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