Gina Carano V.S. Kelly Kobald Video

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Gina Carano V.S. Kelly Kobald Video

I have to say, I wish more MMA fights were as exciting as this girl fight. This female MMA fight definitely held my attention and I thought it was more action packed than 90% of all MMA fights. These girls deserve to be recognized for the contribution they are making to the sport of MMA. Here is how the fight went down.

Round 1
Kelly Kobald comes out in the first round aggressively trying to take Gina Carano down. Gina’s take down defense if excellent, probably from her training time at Extreme Couture, and evades each attempt. The round ends in some decent stand up action.

Rounds 2 & 3

R2: Carano drops bombs early in the round and shows some great striking. Finally, Kobald gets a take down and ends the round in a dominant position over Carano, raining down punches as the bell rings.

R3: Kobald continues her take down attempts unsuccessfully and Carano lands a nice knee to the body. Kobald again attempting take down and Carano grabs a Guillotine Choke from the standing position and takes Kobald down with it. The choke was not deep enough, so she lets go and continues to stand and bang. Carano finishes the round beautifully with some excellent kicks and punches that obviously stun Kobald.

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