Get Slim with Healthy Cycle Diet

Do you rapidly gain your weight back as soon as your diet plan is stopped? You count your calories. You go all out at the gym every day. You do cycling as hard as you can. But hardly do you indulge yourself in chocolate when you put on weight again. It happens because wrong diet plan makes your body suffer from the lack of fats, proteins and carbs over a long period of time. As soon as the foods you’ve stayed away for many weeks come into your stomach, your body starts depositing essential substances to support its normal functioning, as if scared of another food deficiency.

Why The Body Deposits Fat

Fat deposits are the way our body adapts to changes in external environment. In case of a long food deprivation, the body is able to feed on its fat deposits for many days. But how can you outwit your body and keep that weight off? Try cycle diet.

What Is Cycle Diet?

In brief, the main guideline of cycle diet goes: eat only proteins and vegetables on the first day. On the second day, you can eat whatever your heart desires. Just make sure you don’t eat too much.

Diet on Protein Days

Here is what you can eat on protein days. Proteins: eggs (the whites only); boiled or simmered meat and poultry (cook without oil and remove all fat). Seafood: mussels, shrimp and squid. Fish: tuna (canned in its own juice) and pollack. Low-fat diary products: 0% fat cottage cheese and 0.1% fat yoghurt.

Vegetables: all vegetables except potatoes, carrot, beet and beans. Simmered or boiled. You can eat both fresh and frozen veggies. Choose any greens to your taste: lettuce, parsley, onion, and fennel.

You can have a few slices of hard wheat bread or whole grain bread.

Here is a sample plan for a single protein day. Mind, that everything should be eaten unsalted, as salt binds water.

Breakfast on Protein Days

  • 5 egg whites
  • lettuce
  • 1 slice of bread
  • green or black tea without sugar
  • plain water.

Second Breakfast on Protein Days

The mixture of 0%fat cottage cheese and 0.1% yogurt or a 90-100% protein cocktail.

Lunch on Protein Days

  • Boiled meat (as much as you want)
  • alad with cucumbers, tomatoes and greens (you can dress it with a little of olive oil)
  • water or tea.

Afternoon Lunch on Protein Days

Protein cocktail or protein bar

Dinner on Protein Days

  • Simmered fish or seafoods
  • simmered veggies
  • greens
  • water
  • green tea.

Day 2 of the Cycle Diet

You can eat whatever you want on the second day. Even cookies, chocolate and ice-cream. But you should know when enough is enough.

Losing Weight Too Fast Is Unhealthy

This kind of diet won’t bring you fast results. Your body should “part with” no more than a pound of fat weekly. Check your weight once a week on the same day in the morning. If you lose more than a pound every week, it’s unhealthy. Trials held by sports medicine physicians show that what we lose more than a pound weekly is water and muscle tissue, which causes dehydration, fatigue and feeling sick.

How Cycle Diet Works

If you stick to the cycle diet plan for a month, you start consuming 50% less fats and carbs without doing any harm to your health. And that’s what helps you lose your weight. With this diet, our body does not produce deposits as it doesn’t suffer from food deficiency.

It seems that cycle diet is able to outwit the nature and help you lose your weight without the need for staying away form food.

Second Cycle of the Cycle Diet

If you stop losing weight over a long period of time, move to the second cycle. The guideline here is the following: proteins and vegetables two days at a run, the third day without dieting. It means you keep a diet five days a week.

The diet plan is very simple. As a result of it, you lose your weight, your body receives everything it needs and you can eat whatever your heart desires.

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