Calories In Crisps


Snacking is often the downfall of many people’s diets. Crisps, biscuits and chocolate are often to blame, so it’s a good habit to have smaller meals throughout the day, or allow for a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit with a low fat yogurt in-between meals. Below is a chart of the calorie content of crisps (per pack), and how various crisps compare to one another.

Calories chart

Walkers salt & vinegar 181 calories
Walkers Quavers 87 calories
Walkers Wotsits 101 calories
Walkers French Fries 94 calories
Walkers Monster Munch 123 calories
KP Hola Hoops 177 calories
KP Skips 88 calories
Lites cheese & onion 113 calories
Squares cheese & onion 108 calories

The calorie totals were taken from external sources and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. For information regarding any branded products we recommend you look on their (the manufactures) web site for any up to date and accurate nutritional information.

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